January/February 2015 LabTalk


Bisphera Industrial Edger for Ophthalmic Lenses


Get Those Job Tray Clean

Cleaning caked-on polish from job trays is a near-impossible task. Alternatives such as tray inserts, industrial washing machines, or replacing dirty job trays have been the only available options. Now there’s a solution for removing dried polish from job trays and restoring them to like-new condition: OptiSource’s new Job Tray Cleaner.  With OptiSource’s new formula, the lifetime of a job tray is extended and the problem of scratching lenses from built-up polish is finally eliminated. The new Job Tray Cleaner works instantly by using a simple spread-on and wipe-off process, and is good for both traditional and robotic-style job trays. This formula has been specially developed not only to remove dried polish from job trays, but also from any other polish-laden surface, making it a must-have for all labs.  For more information visit the OptiSource Website at Check out their E-Catalog at:






Mate the Curve with Eyewire Curving Press

Western Optical Product’s new Curving Press is the ideal way to perfectly mate the curve of the eye wire to the base curve of the lens bevel. The Eyewire Curving Press presses the curve simultaneously in the same place on the top and bottom of the eye wire. Place the eye wire between the matching 6 or 9 base curved blocks and screw closed.  Tighten less for other variations in base curves. The Eyewire Curving Press is also used to narrow the bridge for a better fit and to reduce the frame DBL. The Eyewire Curving Press is part number 7080 and can be seen on the Western Optical’s  Website at where you can watch a live demonstration (Western Optical LIVE! page 30). Shamir X3 is available to order through authorized distributor labs nationwide.