July/August LabTalk 2016


FEA Industries was featured Manufacturing Marvels.


HOYA Launches Sensity

HOYA Vision Care has launched Sensity in the U.S., a new brand-differentiating photochromic lens technology. Photochromic lens wearers are often disappointed with the inconsistency of lens activation and fade back performance at different times of the year. This is an issue particularly for people who live in distinctive four-season climates. Sensity has Stablight Technology, which ensures the lenses perform consistently in varying climates and temperatures.

 “The only way for independent practices to overcome commoditization and price erosion is for HOYA to provide them with new technology that is not available anyplace else,” said Barney Dougher, president of HOYA Vision Care, North America. He continued, “Sensity is not a ‘me too’ product. It has distinctive technological advances in its processing and performance that will provide points of differentiation for independents that will make their patients happy.” For more information visit


Thin, scratch-resistant glass is now available in the newest free-form designs with the release of Corning Clear 15 glass. This new high-performance glass provides a thinner and more scratch-resistant solution compared with plastic materials commonly used for prescription lenses. This new glass is now available from select U.S. distributors that utilize state-of-the-art, free-form equipment to produce the newest-style lenses including dual-sided progressive addition lens (PAL) designs. Corning Clear 15 glass has a proprietary molecular structure that undergoes an ion-exchange process, resulting in higher resistance to superficial scratches, compared with plastic materials. Corning Clear 15 glass is a standard index glass available as thin as 1.5 mm, with a high Abbe value, giving it better vision and optical clarity. Corning Clear 15 glass also has high chemical durability, making it more immune than plastic to household solvents or common cleaning formulas often used to clean lenses.

 “We are pleased to bring Corning Clear 15 and the benefits of thin, scratch-resistant glass to the ophthalmic market,” said Lyle Rubin, sales and marketing manager, Americas for Corning Specialty Glass. “It can be ground 25 percent thinner and lighter than common glass lenses and is ideal for individuals who need clear, sharp vision that only comes with precision optics. We’ve leveraged Corning’s 160-plus year history in glass innovation to create a highly scratch-resistant, outstanding-performing lens solution.” For more information visit: