August/September LabTalk 2017


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Shamir Launches Blue Zero, Moves to 100 Percent Freeform

Shamir Insight, Inc. manufacturer of premium Freeform® progressive and single vision lenses, announces the release of their blue light blocking lens, Shamir Blue Zero™. Shamir Blue Zero™ absorbs HEV blue light, offering premium protection for patient’s visual health. This revolutionary lens provides a protective solution for most Shamir Freeform® designs, making it ideal for everyday progressive, single vision and work solutions.

Shamir continues their dedication to providing the marketplace with the most advanced technologies, premium materials and treatments. Shamir Blue Zero™ was developed in response to a growing demand of needed protection from potentially harmful artificial light that falls within the 415-455nm range of the light spectrum.

Blue light is found in everyday life, with exposure outside as well as inside through artificial light and digital devices. Overexposure to HEV light can lead to tired eyes, dry eyes, eye strain, insufficient visual contrast and headaches. At worst, it increases the risk of macular degeneration and retinal disease. With continual exposure throughout the day most people experience a hard time falling asleep and daily fatigue.

“With the ever-increasing amount of time people are spending on their phones, tablets, computers and TV it was vital that we met the needs of these patients and offered a protective solution. Shamir Blue Zero™ allows for ultimate protection indoors from blue light while maintaining nearly clear, lens clarity. We are excited about the opportunity to provide eye care practitioners with this level of protection to their patients. Just as sunglasses are important outdoors, Shamir Blue Zero™ is as necessary indoors and the marketplace is realizing that.” Mark Becker, VP of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships.

Meanwhile, Shamir is taking a “forward-facing measure,” removing all molded product offerings and announcing the move to 100 percent digital, Freeform® lenses. No longer feeling it’s appropriate to support old technology, moving forward, Shamir will only offer semi-finished single-vision lenses, focusing solely on advanced Freeform® designs.

“Eliminating molded products from our offering was an easy decision for us. Labs and Eye Care Practitioners share our vision in providing patients top-tier solutions that include better customization, overall clearer fields of vision and less quality issues. Semi-finished PAL’s limit us to standard designs for every patient, and as a company we’ve set higher standards for ourselves. Our goal is to provide the most advanced customized solutions and removing ourselves from molded products allows us to do exactly that. As our technology and lens solutions advance it makes perfect sense to discontinue designs that are not the best solutions for patients.” Raanan Naftalovich, CEO, Shamir Insight.

Shamir says it believes strongly in their decision as technology is leading the world. The introduction of the revolutionary Spark Mi™ measuring device is just another example of that. Customization is key and digital is the only way to provide that unique customization to each individual patient. From measurements with the Spark Mi™ to individualized lens designs, Shamir wants to provide the most technologically advanced personal experience to patients. It will not be long before other companies follow in their footsteps realizing the importance of focusing on the way of the future.

VISION EASE Releases New Occupational Lens Line

Designed to improve near and intermediate visual comfort for lens wearers, VISION EASE announces its new line of occupational lenses. These digital backside lenses are designed with office ergonomics in mind, for optimal viewing zones during specific tasks.

“Both at work and at home, people often spend many hours each day focused on screens and nearby objects,” said David Hoagland, Senior Product Manager at VISION EASE. “VISION EASE’s new occupational designs have been created with maximum comfort in mind for those extended, up-close activities. With these lenses, eye care professionals and retailers can offer their patients a solution specific to their needs, whether that’s working on a computer or interacting with a larger office environment.”

The lens line includes three styles: VISION EASE Computer, VISION EASE Desk and VISION EASE Office. Each design is uniquely suited for different uses in office settings. VISION EASE Computer lenses are designed to maximize the wearer’s viewing zone for tasks closer than 6 feet*, such as reading, working with objects in their hands, or focusing on devices and computers.

Meanwhile, VISION EASE Desk lenses are intended to provide a versatile option for wearers who need roomy near and intermediate zones up to 12 feet to view screens and engage with others near their desks, while Office lenses are designed offer improved vision over general-purpose progressives for viewing ranges up to 20 feet. These lenses enhance near and intermediate vision as a wearer moves from meetings to computer throughout the day.

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