November/December LabTalk 2016


FEA Industries was featured Manufacturing Marvels.


PPG Partners with Thai Optical Group and Global Optics to Introduce TRIBRID

PPG, Thai Optical Group and Global Optics have partnered to introduce TRIBRID™ high-index lenses to the North American market. The lenses are available in semi-finished single-vision clear and are compatible with digital free-form processing and A-R coatings. Developed by PPG, the TRIBRID lens material uses an advanced hybrid material approach incorporating chemistry for the TRIVEX® lens material with traditional high-index lens material chemistry. Global Optics has also announced that any optical laboratory can now apply to become a Global Optics associate member. For more information

Hoya Expands New Media Optics Lens Line

HOYA Vision Care has expanded its New Media Optics portfolio with iD Space, Screen and Zoom. The three new freeform lens designs use HOYA’s patented Integrated Double Surface Design (IDSD) technology. Digital Eye Strain is the most common computer‐related repetitive strain injury, surpassing carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis. Vision and the accommodative system are under-appreciated and -accounted for in the ergonomics of most people’s work space leading to discomfort, disability and lower productivity. iD Space, Screen and Zoom have customizable fitting values to ensure each individual’s work space is part of the lens design.