February/March LabTalk 2017


FEA Industries was featured Manufacturing Marvels.


Western Optical Supply Introduces #8030S MicroTool Nose Pad Adjusting Plier

Western Optical has introduced its latest MicroTool: the Nose Pad Adjusting Plier. MicroTools are designed for professionals “on-the-go.” With an average length of 5”, they are designed to be “big on function, small in size and price,” the company said. All MicroTools comply with TSA regulations and can be carried aboard aircraft. The #8030S Nose Pad Adjusting Plier is designed to get into hard to reach places, and it securely and safely adjusts all types of nose pads. The cupped jaw for cradling the pad is matched to a slotted jaw for securely bracing the nose pad box and arm, which makes repositioning the nose pad easy.  For additional information:

Satisloh Introduces Digi-Pro: Polish Engineered for Digital Polishing

Satisloh’s new Digi-Pro polish is specifically engineered for the company’s Multi-FLEX and Duo-FLEX digital polishers, using a unique particle shape and hardness to provide increased stock removal and product life. Digi-Pro can be used on all organic lens materials and in any available digital polishing system.

“With traditional systems, labs could tweak things—changing their process as they went along—to achieve the surfaces they wanted,” said Steve Schneider, Satisloh VP, Aftermarket Products/Sales. “Digital polishers are sophisticated and make tremendous demands from the polish and with minimal hands-on operator intervention. So, to maximize equipment performance and surface quality, polishes specially formulated for digital polishing are key for production success in labs today.”

According to Satisloh, Digi-Pro’s viscosity offers consistent flow rates that are key to lens surface quality while its suspension provides consistent results and makes clean up easy. Its frost-resistant chemistry prevents product damage, saving money. It is available in two convenient sizes: one gallon and five gallon pails.