Labtalk-November/December 2017


FEA Industries was featured Manufacturing Marvels.


Vision Ease Adds to High-Performance Photochromic Line with New Brown Lenses

Vision Ease has expanded its photochromic color options with the launch of Photochromic Brown, the latest in its line of no-compromise lenses.

The new color complements the company's existing Photochromic Gray lenses so customers now have more options that meet consumer demand for superior performance. The first styles immediately available in brown are SFSV and D28 Bifocals in polycarbonate. Future availability will include D35 Bifocals and 7x28 Trifocals.

Vision Ease has tested the new lens’ performance against wearer comfort benchmarks. Like their gray counterpart, Photochromic Brown lenses offer comparable clarity and exceed the national brand on activation, total darkness and fade-back comparisons. The brown lenses also block 43 percent of indoor blue light and 94 percent of outdoor blue light.
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Coburn Technologies Introduces New Cobalt Lens Generators

Coburn Technologies has introduced its newest lens generators to the next generation of Cobalt products--Cobalt NXT and NXT+.

The Cobalt NXT is the successor to Coburn’s current large-format free-form generator, the Cobalt DS. Together with the Cobalt NX generator which was launched in March, the Cobalt NXT represents Coburn's next-generation platform for lens surfacing.

Cobalt NXT has the capability to be upgraded to a fully automated machine for labs looking to completely automate their free-form processes. The quality of the lenses produced with the Cobalt NXT is far superior to that of the Cobalt DS. Cobalt NXT is designed for processing all indexes of lenses (1.498 to 1.74). With engraving built in the machine, the need to purchase additional equipment is reduced, thus saving costs. Manual calibration is still available for those customers wanting to still control this process, but for those who want an automated machine, Cobalt NXT comes built with automatic calibration for faster and more efficient lens processing. Cobalt NXT comes with increased speeds and higher throughput than the Cobalt NX allowing labs to process jobs faster.

“With the Cobalt NXT, we have expanded the basic fundamentals of our very popular Cobalt DS, while shrinking the footprint to better fit the needs of the market. Cobalt NXT now allows the production volume of a larger lab to fit into the spacing of a smaller lab,” said Alex Incera, President of Coburn Technologies.

Cobalt NXT is also automation ready. This machine, known as Cobalt NXT+, is built with the same footprint and top cover design as the Cobalt NXT, but takes it one step further offering full automation for your generating process. NXT+ comes with a pick and place system and conveyor, eliminating the need for an operator to load and unload lenses.
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