March/April LabTalk 2016


FEA Industries was featured Manufacturing Marvels.


Essilor Unveils New Eye Protect System

To address the growing need for protection against increasing exposure to blue light and UV, Essilor is introducing Eye Protect System, a lens innovation making eye protection more accessible to everyone. This includes the launch of Smart Blue Filter, which provides embedded protection against harmful blue-violet light while allowing the beneficial blue-violet light to pass through on an aesthetically clear lens. This product innovation signifies a major advancement because most blue light and UV protection products available are a coating applied to the lens surface that has an obvious color. Eye Protect System will provide protection against the harmful blue-violet and UV light. For protection against the more intense amounts of blue and UV light encountered outdoors, Transitions lenses or sunwear lenses should be worn - such as Xperio UV polarized sun lenses manufactured by Essilor. For more information visit

“Gem Cut” Complements Line of Natural and “JPP Gold” Turning Tools

Jeanie Premium Products is offering the new “Gem Cut” Turning Tool to complement their large family of high-quality diamond tools. The Gem Cut provides precise cuts, extended tool life and the same benefits as a natural diamond but with more consistency in the quality and number of cuts for the end user. This item along with their natural diamond and JP Gold Diamond cover all the individual lab preferences. In continuing their high-quality cost-effective diamond tooling options, the Gem Cut has been a great transitional tool for those using natural diamonds—it’s clear, precise and offers the needed rake and angle requirements needed for the end users. The Jeanie Gem Cut is a stocked item and available for immediate shipping. Relapping services are also available. For more information visit