Satisloh Consultants Improve Lab Processes and Quality

Satisloh hopes to bring a little bit of “touch” back to lens processing, through its Aftermarket Consultant team. The company believes that as the optical industry migrates from manual to ever-increasing automation, there are fewer human touches to monitor lens quality as it moves through production processes. With less manual intervention, the lens isn’t seen until the end—no more tweaking mid-production to adjust for issues that occurred.

All of which, according to Satisloh, makes it more critical than ever that these processes are running at peak efficiencies and accuracy. To address this need, labs with Satisloh equipment have access to the company’s unique team of Aftermarket Consultants.

“Our team of five consultants, with 120 years combined optical experience, continues our partnership with customers long after equipment installations. We provide process-specific consumable implementation and maintenance. They’re trained to identify challenge areas in lens processing and provide recommendations and resolutions to improve quality and throughput,” said Steve Schneider, VP Aftermarket, Satisloh North America (photo).

The Satisloh Aftermarket Consultants have expertise in all lab process areas: blocking; generating; polishing; coating; and finishing as well as consumables, fluid management, and automation.

ZEISS Introduces EnergizeMe Lens for Contact Wearers

Continuing its tradition of innovation, Zeiss has launched EnergizeMe™—the first and only eyeglass lens designed specifically for vision needs of contact lens wearers. Contact lens wearers often keep their lenses in for extended periods and that causes them to experience eye strain and fatigue. Historically, eyeglass lenses were not made to refresh the eyes of contact lens wearers in these conditions—until now.

Zeiss EnergizeMe Lenses are a unique combination of a new lens design with Digital Inside Technology and DuraVision BlueProtect coating for optimum comfort and protection from digital eyestrain and blue light. They are designed to help tired eyes relax and prevent eyestrain caused by digital devices. Three EnergizeMe lens options are available to meet the vision needs of virtually any contact lens wearer: single-vision (with +0.40D add), digital (with +0.65D power boost) and progressives (from +0.75D to +4.00D add).

“For more than 170 years, Zeiss has built a tradition of firsts. We have reached yet another milestone by offering the first ever eyeglass lenses made specifically for contact wearers,” said Veneeta Eason, Senior Director of Marketing, Carl Zeiss Vision, Inc. “Digital eye strain and eye fatigue caused by contact lens use are pervasive, and Zeiss EnergizeMe Lenses will allow Eye Care Professionals to optimally serve the vision needs of the 40 million contact lens wearers in the market.”

Company research suggests that there are as many as 26 million contact lens wearers in the U.S. who also enjoy wearing eyeglasses, especially while reading, watching television, and using mobile devices. For more information, visit

LABTECH: New Products September/October 2016

Satisloh North American Headquarters Expand — Again

Satisloh North America continues expanding their headquarters, based in Germantown, Wisconsin, with a recently completed 13,000 square foot addition to their warehouse as well as moving their training Academy into space vacated by another tenant. The company has been in Germantown, Wisconsin for 23 years and has expanded their headquarters’ footprint six times—or on average every 4.5 years.

“Only two years after moving to this new, bigger space, we continued growing and now occupy the entire building 56,000 square feet,” said Pete Lothes, Satisloh president/CEO. “Because of our much larger warehouse space, we now house all products at our headquarters. Previously, we rented space at other locations because we simply did not have enough room for our entire inventory.”

The company’s training program, Satisloh Academy, now has 12,000 square feet of private training space for attendees that travel to Germantown. The newly expanded Academy space also features a dedicated classroom as well as a private kitchen and entrance. The expanded space includes a tradeshow staging area, as well. For more information visit

Laser Engraver for Optical Materials

Eye DNA announces release of EyeBeam, a laser engraver for optical materials compatible with Eyedentify eyewear and accessories. This new machine enables the operator to easily create their own branded private label product, via engraving names and logos on plastic and metal eyewear in seconds. EyeBeam features a laser for high-speed marking and engraving with a highly accurate resolution of .01mm, and a 3axis adjustment table.  Eyedentify Ophthalmic is a collection of optical frames and materials that work in conjunction with the EyeBeam laser engraver.  Intended for optical laboratories and retailers interested in private label production. How it works: Branding or personalization such as logos, text, and images are rapidly etched or marked by laser beam using easy-to- use computer software configures graphics and controls operation of the laser. The laser is rated for 100,000 hours of marking before service recommendation and comes with a one year warranty for any manufacturer defects. For more information please visit

New from Coburn Technologies the HPE-8000X Exxpert Edger

“HPE-8000X is the successor to our current model, HPE-8000, and now provides a multitude of new features and advancements to support the continuously changing needs in lens and frame technology,” states Wayne Labrecque, vice president of sales for Coburn Technologies.

New key features of the HPE-8000X include:

• Step Bevel Cutting: Newly introduced “step bevel cutting” assures that the lens will fit precisely into high-wrap sunglasses even with special shape cuttings, such as ventilation holes.

• 11 Different Lens Edge Finishes: More options are now available for different jobs.

• Reduce lens slippage: Adaptive swivel chuck is used to clamp the lens more evenly, while eliminating lens slippage.

• Import & Store DCS (OMA) Directly: Directly import DCS job files including frame shape, FPD, finishing style, lens material, drill coordinates and more.

• 6 Different Edging Positions: Various edging position options help provide more choices when matching lens and frame eye wire geometry.

• Retouch Support Back Up: Saves up to the last three retouch jobs allowing user to go back and edit recent jobs
if necessary.

“The step bevel function has been considered a very high end, but expensive, option. Now, with the HPE-8000X, we are changing this preconceived notion by offering this high-end feature at an affordable price point,” states Bruno Yun, senior sales application engineer for Coburn Technologies.

The Expert Edger, HPE-8000X, will be showcased at Vision Expo West in Las Vegas, Nevada, booth LP6075. For more information visit, or call 1-800-COBURN-1 for pricing and additional details.

Lens Design, Coating and Materials from Rodenstock
Impression FreeSign 3

The Rodenstock development team is quite justified in calling Impression FreeSign 3 its best progressive lens of all times. Due to its patented flexible design technology, the lens provides unrestricted vision and can be perfectly matched to the personal lifestyle of the wearer. Thanks to patented Eye Lens Technology, progressive lenses are calculated on the basis of the latest physiological findings. With the combination of Impression FreeSign 3 and the DNEye ordering option, the aberrometric measurement data of the eye is incorporated into the lens optimization. That way the spectacles wearer receives a customized solution matched to his personal lifestyle, which he can exploit 100 percent of his individual vision potential. For more information visit

Solitaire 2

The 20-year success story of the Solitaire technology continues with Solitaire 2. The refined premium finishes were perfected and provide excellent all-round protection for lenses. Thanks to the plasma-assisted high-tech coating technology, which is applied in special high-vacuum systems, the scratch-resistance is twice as high as conventional lenses with an anti-reflection coating. A super anti-reflection coating, dust-, dirt- and water-repelling properties, climate-resistance, antistatic properties as well as an anti-fogging effect with Rodenstock FogFree are among the functions that a Rodenstock customer can expect. Through optimum UV protection against light that is incident from the front as well as the side, strain on the eyes from this harmful light component is also reduced. Rodenstock offers a 3-year guarantee on the high-tech finishes. For more information visit

ColorMatic IQ 2

ColorMatic IQ 2, self-tinting lenses are based on new dyes with a unique molecular structure. Appealing design colors, very true colors as well as even deeper tinting even on hot days and in the shade make these quality lenses into the ideal companion for everyday life. The new photochromic molecules are bigger and react more sensitively to UV light, through which the spectacles wearer experiences perfect tinting in the shade as well. The new molecular structure makes it possible to have deeper tinting than before at high temperatures and provides the perfect balance between the degree of tinting, becoming lighter quickly and clarity indoors. For more information visit



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