Labtalk-December 2019


FEA Industries was featured Manufacturing Marvels.

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BPI Intros UV-Blue Barrier 440 Protective Series

BPI has released UV-Blue Barrier 440 Protective Series, the latest addition to a series of therapeutic tints offered by the company, joining the group of BPI Filter Vision 450, BPI Diamond Dye 460/510, BPI Diamond Dye 500/550, BPI Diamond Dye 540 and BPI 600 Dye Deep Red.

This pale yellow tint with faint green overtones blocks the highest energy violet and blue visible light as well as the upper portion of the UVA. The high energy violet/blue portion of the visible spectrum has been implicated in age related macular degeneration. As such, many recommend attenuation of these colors; some lens manufacturers have produced special lenses which block this region.

This light yellow/green tint does not overly affect normal color perception nor does it interfere with traffic signal recognition and may be used while driving, even at night. For more information, visit

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