Since 1992, LabTalk magazine has been the industry leader in providing valuable information, in-depth features and new product knowledge directly to optical laboratory managers, supervisors, and owners, with a how-to approach that provides real solutions to the everyday challenges of running an optical laboratory.

LabTalk is published four times a year by Jobson Medical Information.

LabTalk is also distributed at Vision Expo East and West.

Here's what LabTalk readers have to say:

"I gathered many different ways to look at our own shipping problems, polish problems, and the need to consider remote tracing yet once again. These articles really get a manager to 'think', to evaluate what we are doing and why." Shannon Waigand, Precision Optical Group, Inc.

"LabTalk is one of our key publications because it is geared to the laboratory. It is an easy read and articles are to the point." Corrine Hood, Katz and Klein.

"LabTalk has been one magazine that I read cover to cover." Irland Tashima, Toledo Optical.

"I enjoy LabTalk magazine for the technical tips presented. We have been able to implement some of the suggestions that have come through this magazine." Matt Cummins, Walman Optical.

"We love reading LabTalk. It is the only trade magazine geared directly to us. We appreciate the articles that address topics important to labs and we especially enjoy the lab tech section and new equipment offerings." John R. Art, Interstate Optical Co., Inc.

"LabTalk is an extremely valuable resource for our laboratory. In today's very competitive environment Lab Talk offers solutions and guidance in areas that affect production, positioning and marketing so as to ensure the future success of our laboratory." Jeff Jeff Szymanski, Toledo Optical.

"LabTalk is a great magazine to help keep us (The Lab) up to date on the latest lab technologies. It also keeps the lab current on what is going on in the industry regarding other labs, trade organizations on trade shows. LabTalk also does a great job writing articles addressing current market trends and how they affect us in the lab." Mike Vitale, Sutherlin Optical.

LabTalk Readership

  • Our LabTalk readers are the decision makers of the business; 90% approve or influence purchases.
  • 60% of the readers took action as a result of seeing an ad in LabTalk in the last 12 months.
  • 70% of our readers pass LabTalk along to others as a reference tool.
  • On average, readers of LabTalk spend 48 minutes with each issue; 64% save each issue for future reference.

* FRAMES Data 2007 Editorial Audit–Readex Research

Established 1992
Published 4 times a year
Circulation 4555.

LabTalk is consistent, reliable and right on target for the optical laboratory market.