Green Marketing Matters

By Putting "reduce, reuse, recycle" into practice
Eco-friendly. Certified organic. Environmentally-safe. All natural. With so many buzz words for green products, it’s no wonder consumers are getting mixed messages about what is, and isn’t healthy for the environment and their bodies. As the consumer’s research ability increases, regarding which organic products to buy, businesses need to be more mindful when marketing their products or risk losing credibility.

So how does an organic product separate itself from the pack? Resist the temptation to market products as overly specialized. When environmentally-friendly brands are placed in mainstream aisles they are more likely to stand out from other products than when placed in more competitive organic sections.

Consumers have also become weary of “greenwashing,” a name given to brands aiming to convince consumers that products are greener than they actually are.

Here are some of my GREEN marketing tips:

• Tell the truth. If a product is 72 per cent organic, the marketing material shouldn’t say ‘100 per cent’ or simply ‘organic.’ Never underestimate the consumer.

• Factor in the packaging and promotional materials that accompany the product. It can increase the environmental footprint or decrease its green mission.

• Make the entire campaign and the product as green as possible. Consider alternative packaging and e-marketing campaigns.

• Being green shouldn’t stop at product development. A green strategy should be implemented into all aspects of a business, including the marketing.

• Marketing organic products is about promoting a lifestyle AND about the product being organic.

• According to environmentalist and scientist, David Suzuki, it’s all part of a greater plan to build a community that engages people to live healthier, more fulfilled and just lives. “We have to start by all agreeing that the health of the ecosystem is the highest priority.”

Glen Eisenberg is president of Precision Advertising, a full-service marketing communications firm that specializes in building brands within the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries. The agency has extensive experience within the optical trade globally, having serviced Wescan Optical for the past 10 years. For more information please visit or contact Glen Eisenberg at 877-743-4949.


Labtalk June 2020