Web Awards

By Christie Walker
2ND ANNUAL TRASH TO TREASURE CONTEST: Congratulations to the 2010 Trash to Treasure contest winners who created unique and beautiful pieces of art from finishing pads. Carolyn Harris of Southern Optical, took home two of the four prizes and tied with herself for first place! Ms. Harris is one talented artist. 1st Place Under the Sea & Daisies and Butterflies Carolyn Harris Southern Optical, Greensboro, NC. 3rd Place Basket of Flowers Carolyn Harris Southern Optical, Greensboro, N.C. Honorable Mention Cemetery BJ Gregory and Debbie Campbel Southern Optical, Greensboro, N.C. WEBSITE OF THE YEAR: Each year, LabTalk magazine sponsors the Optical Laboratory Web Site of the Year contest. A special nomination site is set up on VisionMonday for the eyecare professional to nominate their favorite optical laboratory Web site. Then the top 12 nominated sites are sent to a panel of judges who view the Web sites for: usefulness to the ECP, ease of use and the site’s overall look and design. This year’s winner is Precision Optical Group. The Katz and Klein site received the most nominations from ECPs. Here are some of the comments from the eyecare community about their favorite Web sites. Top 10 Web Sites 1. Precision Optical Group www.precisionopticalgroup.com 3. Cherry Optical www.cherryoptical.com 4. iCoat Company www.icoatcompany.com 4. Laramy-K www.laramyk.com 5. Optical Dimensions Lab www.opticaldimensionslab.com 6. Hirsch Optical www.hirschoptical.com 7. Pech Optical www.pechoptical.com 8. Classic Optical www.classicoptical.com 9. Diversified Ophthalmics www.divopt.com 10. Empire Optical www.empireoptical.org About Precision Optical Group Web Site “I love the online ordering feature and I can print off any form that I need. It saves me lots of time.” “The design and layout of the site is great! I love the Live Chat feature too!” “I use it everyday to print my office forms and labels.” “Special offers, useful information, and the Live Chat are really great features.” About Katz & Klein Web Site “This site has great resources and up-to-date products and services. We also use their quick quotes.” “My staff uses the quick quotes and they also like to show the virtual tour to our patients.” “We love the JumpStart education series and the Eyeglasses 2.0 is great for the consumer.” About Cherry Optical Web Site “Love the finish availability charts.” “I like all of the technical information offered on the Web site.” About iCoat Company Web Site “The Web site has lots of important information about AR coatings that helps us understand the properties of AR and what’s right for patients.” About Laramy-K Web Site “Love the Ready for War, upfront about business. It’s clean, easy to load, their educational information is fantastic, the Lens availability database is good, meet the people is great - The site is fun, interesting and they seem to be someone I would want to do business with.”


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