What You Need to Know About Selling Frames and Lens Packages

By Paula Meason
As the desire for one-stop shopping for fashionable prescription eyewear becomes greater, the need for a broad selection of frame styles for labs has become more important. Lenses aren’t the primary excitement when consumers purchase eyewear. Brand names, specialized frame designs, fit, and a multitude of colors are where consumers’ interest lies. Eyewear, sunwear, and reading glasses are considered the “It” accessory for 2009 and with so many choices from designer brands all the way to private labels, consumers can have something for every occasion. Check out these eight ways selling frame and lens packages can help build your lab business:

1•Selling a frame and lens package is proven to increase high-end lens sales. It is a built-in dispensing aid because in most instances, the package will include extras such as an AR coating, mirror coating, drill mount, Transitions, and premium lens materials. This gives the dispenser an opportunity to take time and review the features and benefits of these extra’s with their customers, which may encourage multiple package sales. This process also enhances the customer’s experience by giving the dispenser time to teach the customer about their lens options – which makes for an informed buying decision.

2•Frames will be sent to the lab they were purchased from for lens work. By placing more frames on the frame board, the more lens sales will come from it. Loyal dispensers will send the frames that were purchased from a particular lab back to that lab for lens work. This is “no-brainer!” The more frames a lab has sold into a particular dispensary, the more lens jobs will result.

3•Keep it Simple! Frame and lens packages make buying a new pair of frames simple for the customer and the dispenser. As long as the dispenser is providing package choices to the consumer, the consumer can choose a package rather than ordering everything “al a carte.”

4•Package selling is not only the marketing choice in eyewear, but other industries such as fast food, vacations, cars, and other consumer products and services.

5•Labs that sell frame and lens packages increase their value because they are seen by the ophthalmologists, optometrists, and opticians as a complete supplier because their employees only have to see one salesperson instead of a separate frame and lens salesperson, ultimately saving time and money, which in the end adds to the bottom-line of the dispensary.

6•By offering both frames and lenses, a lab can add to the list of potential customers. For example, this is an opportunity to get into an office that is not currently buying lenses or Rx work from a lab.

7•As a lab offering a frame and lens package, you have created a unique selling advantage over the direct “frame only” companies. By pricing a frame and lens package program less than the two items billed out separately, the lab can use the frame as a tool to maintain or even increase a little, their profit margins on the lenses and still offer a great savings to the account.

8•Many labs specialize in certain areas of Rx work. Creating a frame and lens package gives the lab a chance to let those customers that are not using them for that particular specialization, experience why they are so good in that particular area. For example, a value-priced package may give a smaller dispensary a way to go after the Medicare patients, whereas before, they were not competing in this section of the market at all.

Written by Paula Meason of the McGee Group.


Labtalk June 2020