SNEAK PEEK FOR VEE — Catch a Glimpse of What You'll See at the Show

By Julie Bos
Peel back the layers of today’s hottest ophthalmic trade shows and you’ll find more than just continuing education courses, peer-to-peer networking and opportunities for business and professional growth. At the core you’ll find one critical component: the very latest in eye wear and eye care products and technologies — the innovative solutions that are the very lifeblood of the industry.

That’s certainly what you’ll see if you’re planning to attend International Vision Expo East in New York in March. It’s all about eye wear and eye care—and everything you need to grow your business or practice under one roof. To get you excited about what you’ll be seeing, here’s a sneak peek at some of the newest lens products that will be on display.

Augen Optics

Augen Optics will show its premium High Definition single vision lens designs in NXT Sunlenses and NXT Varia Photochromic and Polarized Photochromic Sunlenses (activated by Transitions). Developed by Intercast, NXT Sunlenses protect and improve vision with a patented polymer that is lighter and stronger than polycarbonate, free of stress with superior optics, and compatible with any type of frame. The company will also introduce EasyForm, a proprietary lens processing system that makes freeform technology accessible and affordable.

Carl Zeiss Vision

Building on its unique, pioneering legacy in the use of freeform technology for lens customization, Carl Zeiss Vision has created a new progressive lens that is precisely personalized for the individual wearer: Zeiss Individual. This lens delivers:

•Unlimited frame choices. Zeiss Individual automatically expands or contracts the entire design for the size and shape of the patient’s chosen frame, balancing all viewing areas and ensuring the widest fields of vision.

•Maximum visual acuity for any face. The patient’s monocular PD, vertex distance, pantoscopic angle and frame wrap angle are incorporated into the design calculation. •Optimized optics for every prescription. Zeiss Individual creates and optimizes the design in “real time” based on the patient’s exact combination of sphere, cylinder, axis and add power, eliminating visual compromises.


Essilor, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Varilux progressive lenses this year, will host the Varilux Experience booth, an experience in three dimensions. Open your senses to an interactive exhibition that demonstrates the history and future of Varilux lenses. Experience the progression of better vision. Essilor will also announce several product line extensions and new products during the Expo.

Indo International

Aligned with freeform Solutions’ winning proposal for progressive lens designs, curve calculation program and professional assistance, Indo presents its wide range of progressive designs:

•Global Designs - Multipurpose progressive lens designs: Global 22, Global 19 and Global 16.

•Action Designs - Family of specialized progressive lens designs: Office Design, Road Design and Outdoors Design.

•Free Design - A progressive lens design developed based exclusively on the characteristics and parameters that the client provides us.

Seiko Optical Products

Seiko will be launching a new 1.74 single vision lens, which will be factory AR coated with SuperClean super hydro AR coating. The new lens is made with a new 1.74 index resin that is exclusive to Seiko. The company will also debut a new single-vision DiamondClear polycarbonate with Transitions that includes factory applied Surpass AR available.

Shamir Insight

Shamir has upgraded its Autograph line to feature designs and technologies that cannot be found in any other manufactured lens on the market today. The line now includes five lifestyle designs along with the addition of two technologies.

Autograph II Designs include: Autograph II (11mm and up); Autograph II – Attitude; Autograph II - Office; Autograph II - Single Vision; and Autograph II - Single Vision Attitude

Shamir adds two revolutionary technologies into the Autograph line with FreeFrame Technology and As-Worn Technology.

•As-Worn Technology fine-tunes a patients Rx by calculating three distinct measurements: Vertex Distance, Pantoscopic Tilt and Panoramic Angle.

•Free-Frame Technology, Shamir’s groundbreaking new technology, takes into account the patient’s frame choice.

Signet Armorlite

Signet Armorlite will debut a new lens material option for the existing KODAK InstaShades family of photochromic lenses currently offered in 1.56 index, 1.60 index, and polycarbonate. The new 1.50 index lens will be the best InstaShades Lens choice for drill-mount and grooved frames. The lens will feature low density and high Abbe value, with excellent darkening and fading performance.

Specialty Lens Corp

iRx Polaroid Presents: The 2009 iRx FASHIONfunction Show. See how polarized sunwear can be both functional and fashionable at this exclusive fashion show hosted by iRx Polaroid. During the show, we will walk different characters down the catwalk. Each with his or her own prescription and lifestyle needs. We will show you how to perfectly cater to the individual lifestyles, activities, and needs of your patients. There will be three fashion/function shows held at Vision Expo East, as follows: Fri., March 27, 2009, 4:30-5:30 p.m.; Sat. March 28, 2009, 10-11 a.m.; Sat. March 28, 1-2 p.m. For more information or to sign up to attend, please contact Carl Reese at Specialty Lens Corporation at (800) 366-1382.

Transitions Optical

Stop by the Transitions booth (#LP1636) to learn about new programs and tools that you can leverage to grow your business. Plus, find out about the new ways we’re reaching out to your customers about healthy sight – including our new television commercials and designation as the Official Eyewear of the PGA TOUR, Champions Tour and Nationwide Tour. Learn more at

Vision-Ease Lens

Available for shipment at the end of March, Vision-Ease is pleased to announce the availability of the LifeRx 7 x 28 trifocal. This lens is the only photochromic polycarbonate lens on the market and has been designed for maximum durability. Manufactured with 100 percent renewable energy, it’s a product that will benefit you and the environment. The LifeRx 7 x 28 trifocal offers the same high-quality photochromic performance customers expect from the LifeRx product line.

Younger Optics

NuPolar, the world leader in polarized lenses, again leads the market with the most polarized lens materials. This spring, Younger Optics will introduce NuPolar Trilogy, made of the ultra strong, thin and optically superior Trivex material. NuPolar was recently launched in 1.67 High Index (MR-10). It’s also available in hard resin and polycarbonate materials.


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