Keeping It Clean

By Jerry Collins, Interstate Optical Co.
"As we all know in any optical labs surfacing room things tend to get messy. One thing we have done to help battle the mess, and save money is to clean our surface blocks. After removing the alloy, as lenses come off the polishers they go over to our knock off station. After the lenses are removed from the block we put them in a heavy duty ultrasonic cleaner. We leave them in the ultrasonic cleaner for about ten minutes. We then take them and run them through an industrial dishwasher before reusing them. By doing this blocks are much cleaner, but we also find that our alloy is staying much cleaner. This makes for better adhesion all the way around, block to alloy to lens. This process also extends the life of the alloy."

Another thing we do with our industrial dishwasher is to run all our trays through it. We use a double tray system and as the jobs come off the polishers the lenses are removed and put in the bottom tray. We then take the top tray and run those through the washer before they are put back in use. Also throughout the day we rotate our trays through the washer. This keeps everything much cleaner, and having clean trays we believe reduced the scratches on our lenses reducing breakage.

Jerry Collins, Interstate Optical Co.


Labtalk June 2020