Lenses Round UP

By Andrew Karp
Lens manufacturers were touting new PAL designs and released both new and existing designs in a wide range of lens materials at the Vision Expo West event last October. If you missed these introductions at VEW, use this guide when you attend the OLA to talk to lens manufacturers about their new offerings.

Augen Optics

Augen Optics is unveiling NXT Rx sunlenses and NXT Varia photochromic and polarized photochromic sunlenses by Intercast. NXT Sunlenses protect and improve vision with a patented polymer that is lighter and stronger than polycarbonate, free of stress with superior optics, and compatible with any type of frame. NXT Varia Photochromic Sunlenses are activated by Transitions with a light tint that automatically darkens according to the amount of outdoor glare. Fixed tint colors are brown, grey and green; photochromic tint colors are Varia brown, Varia grey and Varia copper.

Bristol C&D “Bristolite” lens

Bristol C&D “Bristolite” lens is pleased to announce their new high-base polycarbonate line. These aspheric semi-finished lenses are available in 9 and 11 base in both single vision and FT-28’s with high adds from +200 to +400. These lenses carry the prestigious Colts’ “Seal of Approval.” Bristol C&D have the only high-base polycarbonate lenses in the industry with add powers up to +400. Aspheric lenses are their specialty. The SV polycarbonate lenses have a tintable hard coat and the FT-28’s have a non-tintable hard coat.

Carl Zeiss Vision

GT2 Short Progressive Lenses bring the performance of GT2 by Carl Zeiss Vision—winner of the OLA’s Best in Lens Design award—to frames with fitting heights as low as 13mm. GT2 Short’s unique near-zone design widens continually as the eye moves downward, so reading-area optics aren’t compromised, regardless of frame size. GT2 Short also offers virtually distortion-free distance vision for greater distance utility and peripheral vision in more frame styles than ever before, according to Zeiss.


Chemalux is introducing iHot mirror, a heat resistant mirror that can withstand up to 200ºF without crazing. Based on patented nanotechnology materials, iHot can be safely worn during the summer and left in hot environments such as on a car dashboard. iHot offers four flash mirror colors on polycarbonate lenses, allowing for customer personalization. With heat resistant AR on the lenses’ backside, iHot mirror AR eliminates backside glare and reflection; providing the wearer superior comfort. iHot possesses super hydrophobic properties that makes the lens easy-to-clean.

Essilor of America

Essilor of America is introducing Essilor Junior, a new lens line designed especially for children and their active lifestyles. The first product in the Essilor Junior line,finished single-vision (FSV) Airwear Jr. Trio EZ Blue, features Trio EZ Blue, an easy-to-clean, anti-reflective treatment. A polycarbonate lens, it is 60mm in diameter. A two-sided, slippery topcoat makes the lens easy to clean yet tough enough to resist scratches and smudges. All Trio EZ Blue lenses will be equipped with the patented Pad Control System to help provide consistent edging. Essilor Junior lenses will replace the LiteStyle Kids IQ brand through ELOA.

Hoya Vision Care

Hoya Vision Care is releasing Hoyalux iD in its lightweight, durable Hoya Phoenix material. Made with Hoya Free-Form Technology, Hoyalux iD is a progressive lens with integrated double surface design. The lens is available in sphere powers ranging from -8.00D to +6.00D; cylinder powers up to -4.00D; add range from +0.75 to +3.50. Hoya’s Super HiVision AR coating is standard.


Indo will present Outdoors Designs, the newest addition to its Free-Form Solutions line. Outdoor Designs has been developed to improve performance when participating in outdoor activities. This new design joins Office Design (conceived for indoor working environments) and Road Design (conceived for driving) to complete Indo’s Action Designs specialized lens family.

Kaenon Polarized

Kaenon Polarized is showcasing the SR-91 Freestyle progressive polarized lens, which is processed using back-side digital surfacing technology. Available in base curves of 6.25 and 8.25, the lens can be prescribed for Kaenon brand frames or any other frames. Kaenon’s proprietary polarized lens technology features the combination of SR-91 and the Glare 86 Polarizing Element. Kaenon’s lens manufacturing process encapsulates the Glare 86 element within the SR-91 lens material. The lens is available in grey, copper and yellow.


KBco is releasing the EOS PAL in 1.67 (MR10) high-index material. Designed for the unique requirements of outdoor sun use, the lens features an expanded distance area and a minimum fitting height of 17mm. The polarized EOS PAL design is now available in standard plastic, polycarbonate (standard and EOS Wrap), and 1.67. The 1.67 EOS PAL is available in KBco True Grey and KBco Brown-C.


Ophthonix is showcasing the iZon Sun Lens, which is manufactured using an innovative process that incorporates dye into the company’s iZonik material, creating improved color consistency and durability. The iZon Sun Lens is available in single-vision and progressive versions. The design is based on the patient’s individual iPrint, and created by Ophthonix’s proprietary wavefront-guided technology platform. The gray lens has a 15 percent light transmittance, blocks UV-A and UV-B to 400nm and comes standard with hardcoat, AR and super-hydrophobic treatments. It is available in sphere powers ranging from +5.00D to -8.00D; cylinder up to -4.00D; add 0.75 to 3.50.


Optical Distribution Corp., the exclusive U.S. distributor of Rodenstock ophthalmic products, is featuring Multgressiv MyView, the newest generation in Rodenstock’s line of optimized progressive lenses. Using free-form technology, MyView places the entire progressive prescription on the back surface of the lens. In addition, MyView provides a customized inset based on the patient’s monocular PD, which further enhances vision in the intermediate and near zones. MyView also comes in three progressive zone lengths, with a minimum fitting height as low as 14mm.


Polycore Optical is releasing a 1.71 index semi-finished, single-vision line. Unlike other ultra high-index materials, Polycore’s 1.71 product allows labs with the appropriate tooling to process the lenses in-house, avoiding high processing fees previously associated with these materials. Because of this, Polycore recommends the lenses for labs with direct surfacing capability. Polycore 1.71 has a higher tensile strength than many other lens materials, giving it superior drill-mounting capabilities. Additionally, it has a higher abbe value than many other ultra high-index materials. Polycore offers this new lens in 11 different base curves for optimal cosmetic appeal.

Seiko Optical Products of America

Seiko Optical Products of America is offering Trivex clear and polarized polycarbonate gray and brown lens materials for its Succeed, Succeed WS, Perfas Prime and Premier, and the newly introduced Supercede and Supercede WS lens designs. Both materials have a power range from +5.00D to -7.00D. All Seiko-Pentax 100 percent back-surface designs are currently available clear in 1.67, 1.60, 1.59 (polycarbonate) and 1.50 indexes; Transitions VI gray and brown lenses in 1.67, 1.59 and 1.50; and polarized gray and brown in 1.67 and 1.50 indexes. Seiko/Pentax Internal Free-Form lenses are also compatible with high-quality anti-reflective coatings.

Shamir Insight’s

Shamir Insight’s new version of its Shamir Creation PAL combines Shamir’s PolyPlus material with Transitions VI photochromic technology. Available in 80mm blanks to fit a variety of prescriptions, the lightweight lenses are also highly resistant to impact and abrasion and are bifringence-free and “water white” clear, according to Shamir. Developed with Shamir’s Freeform Optics, they have six times more resolution than standard lenses, and are up to 40 percent flatter, thinner than standard-index lenses.

Signet Armorlite

Signet Armorlite is adding a new lens material to its line of Kodak Precise Short Progressive Lens. In addition to PolyClear, InstaShades PolyClear, and standard resin, availability now includes a 1.67 high index material for thin, lightweight lenses that can readily accommodate drill-mount frames. Designed for small frames, the Kodak Precise Short Lens offers a 13mm minimum fitting height, smooth power progression and a full-power reading area. Customers may order this lens with their choice of either Kodak CleAR or Kodak Clean’N’CleAR, the latter being a slicker, yet edgeable AR option.

Transitions Optical

Transitions Optical is showcasing several new products that have recently been made available in Transitions VI, including Carl Zeiss Vision GT2 Short, Hoya Summit in polycarbonate, Seiko 1.67 FSV and X-Cel Freedom ID in 1.50 and 1.67.

Vision-Ease Lens

Vision-Ease Lens will showcase LifeRx light-responsive lenses in Illumina and Outlook progressive lenses, spherical SFSV in 1.00 diopter steps, aspheric SFSV, and FSV with and without Vivid AR. The lenses are made with an enhanced lamination process for maximum durability; the use of 100 percent purchased renewable energy where the lenses are manufactured; and an expanded product offering. The LifeRx line includes the only photochromic polycarbonate D28 lenses on the market.

Younger Optics

Younger Optics is introducing the Image Wrap lens in poly NuPolar Gray. Available in a +8 base curve for wrap frames, the lens is decentered 7mm to allow for maximum cut-out with an effective blank size of 83mm. No secondary calculations are necessary, Younger says. Recommended for narrow PDs, the Image has one of the widest distance zones in the industry.


Labtalk June 2020