Increase AR Lens Sales

By Bill Markham
Optical laboratories are always looking for ways to increase lab profitability. One easy and simple way is to increase AR lens sales. The United States is currently at 34 percent AR lens sales, which is still far behind Europe at 75 percent and Japan at 99 percent. This is a golden opportunity for all optical labs in the United States. The following are tips and guidelines that your customer service department and outside sales staff can use to help ECPs increase AR lens sales and profitability.

The ECP and the staff need to clearly understand and believe in the benefits of AR lenses for every patient.

•Sharper vision from increased light transmission

•Better vision by eliminating those annoying reflections

•Visual comfort with reduced eye strain and fatigue

•Clearer sharper night vision for improved safety

•Enhanced cosmetic lens appearance with the elimination of the visual glare.

The doctor and all staff members should wear AR lenses at all times. Even if they do not regularly wear eyeglasses, plano AR lenses in a fashion frame will help sell both AR lenses and the frame. AR lens demo tools should be strategically positioned around the office—at the receptionist area, examination rooms, frame selection area and the dispensing tables. Space is a premium in the ECP’s office but these demos take up little space. The more chances the consumer has to see an AR lens, the more likely they will ask questions and the easier it will be to persuade them to make the AR lens purchase.

Plant the AR lens message early and often. •Provide patient education on AR lenses in all patient areas.

•On-hold messages should talk about the features and benefits of AR lenses.

•Generate excitement about AR lenses

•Start with the receptionist talking about the ability to see clearer.

•Talk about AR lenses being the new and hot fashion statement, small teasers work.

•The pre-test personnel should use a lifestyle or needs assessment for every patient prior to the exam, tie AR lens into conversation.

Let the consumer know about people around town that are wearing AR lenses, also about newscasters, sportscasters, actors and actresses. Talk about the percent of people wearing AR lenses that were purchased from their office.

•The doctor must recommend AR lenses in the exam lane. In fact, the doctor needs to prescribe AR lenses. The doctor is a well respected medical professional. It is part of his professional credo to be sure his patience’s have the best vision possible.

•Meet with the doctor and dispenser and decide who will be asking the following questions of each and every patient. They should ask questions and access the patient’s requirements. How do patient use their eyes?

What are their chief complaints about vision?

The ECP should be able to describe and demonstrate how AR lenses are a solution to specific visual problems.

Create package pricing and offer Premium and Value AR to every patient and explain why they cannot afford to be without the best visual product available. Always sell down, never up. It is a proven fact that an ECP’s office that sells Premium and Value AR, sell twice the AR lenses than and ECP that offers just a Premium or just a Value AR lens. Provide a recommendation for each patient and treat every patient the same. Do not judge the patients’ ability to purchase; prescribe AR lenses as if it were for your family. Remind the EPCs of the 98 percent repurchase rate of AR lenses once the consumer makes that first AR lens purchase. Help the ECP’s sell AR!!!

This article was provided by The Vision Council AR Steering Committee. To promote anti-reflective lenses, the committee provides education and marketing resources to the optical industry. For more information, please visit


Labtalk June 2020