What You Need to Know About Lab Maneuvers

By Christie Walker
Consumer trends and patterns are challenging traditional notions of eye care and eyewear sales. Independent ECPs face intense pressure from mass merchants and national chains and as a result independents are looking for solutions and labs are uniquely suited to the task of providing a solution. In a new program called Lab Maneuvers, Jobson’s Education and Training department partners with optical labs to bring the ECP a perspective of the market, show them the trends that affect their office and the products they sell, and teach them methods to better identify and meet patient needs. In this program, Jobson helps the lab redefine and rethink ECP education as well as training for the lab staff, including technical and customer service training. The program helps emphasize the value/profit contributions of the products and brands the lab provides to customers, which are fundamental to dispensing and practice management. Jobson is able to get a different ear of the ECP because Jobson and 20/20 Magazine act as a 3rd party to deliver meaningful and useful material. The Lab Maneuvers program provides course development, handles ABO and/or COPE approvals, and secures speakers, CE certificate sourcing, and distribution. It can also prepare printed materials to customize any meeting and identify your lab as the source of real and useful everyday information. Before the event, an in-house seminar will be given for your lab’s customer service and tech service staff to give them a preview of the materials and information to be covered at the meeting. The speakers will summarize their presentation and provide (in advance) appropriate collateral material for each lab staff member. This prepares your lab staff for any follow-up with customers including questions and requests they may make after the meeting. For a period of 60 days after the event, your lab will have the use of the Jobson communication engine to reprise meeting results and support your lab’s consultative approach to helping customers. Jobson Research identifies trends for which a lab’s products and services can meet their customer’s needs then develops and delivers course content that is put together using the research tools, writers and editorial staff in an ABO-experienced environment. Jobson speakers are well known for their expertise and communication skill. Using a third party to deliver your educational message, such as the 20/20 Magazine brand, adds to the credibility of the presentation. Expert Optics, an independent wholesale laboratory based in Shorewood, Ill., held its annual Optical Preview educational event March 22, 2006, with content provided by the Lab Maneuvers program. The daylong event drew nearly 200 eye care professionals from Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana. It featured four ABO-approved continuing education classes for opticians and a COPE-approved continuing education class for opticians and optometrists. Two guest speakers from 20/20 magazine — Andrew Karp, group editor, lenses and technology and Mark Mattison-Shupnick, manager of continuing education, presented courses on branding the professional eye care practice, improving office efficiency and dispensing AR lenses. Peter Shaw-McMinn, OD, and assistant professor at the Southern California College of Optometry, taught a class on prescribing new lens technologies for ocular pathological conditions. “It has always been Expert Optics’ pleasure to provide continuing education for our clients,” said Expert Optics president, Greg Ruden. The event was pronounced a success by attendees and Expert Optics staff. For more information contact Mark Mattison-Shupnick, manager, education and training, Jobson Publishing, LLC at 212-274-7000.


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