The Fall Lens Debut - The Brightest Stars of 2006/2007

By Julie Bos
It’s show time — Between Vision Expo West in September and the Optical Laboratories Association event in November, lens manufacturers from across the globe put their best feet forward and unveil their newest product “stars.”

If you’re curious about the industry’s hottest new lenses and want the inside scoop on the cool benefits they can bring your customers — check out this lineup of A-list lenses as they make their way down the red carpet.

Augen Optics

After the recent success of Augen Optics’ Trinity series lenses, a unique set of patented aspheric and double aspheric designs, the company has introduced the new Trinity Progressive. This innovative design analyzes image quality using the modular transfer function — the most objective measurement of image quality — which enables the analysis of optical systems, such as the eye-lens system, to yield crisper, higher contrast images. Trinity Progressive lenses are now available in SunSensors Plus by Corning, as well as Trivex by PPG.

Carl Zeiss Optical, Inc.

GT2 by ZEISS is the latest progressive lens in the acclaimed Gradal series. GT2 includes the progressive lens design features pioneered by ZEISS, including patented Horizontal Symmetry for clarity in every direction, variable near inset, wide distance and wide intermediate. Building on this foundation, the GT2 design adds refinements based on new insights into wearer behavior and satisfaction, resulting in a shorter corridor, a 17mm minimum fitting height, and a larger reading area.

Essilor of America, Inc.

Varilux Physio and Varilux Physio 360° will be available in Thin&Lite 1.60, Airwear Polarized and Thin&Lite 1.74. These new materials were introduced in September, and will continue to launch through the end of 2006. ECPs can now offer premium products in every material, providing patients the sharpest progressive vision available in distance, mid-range and near. Plus, all are available with Crizal Alizé with Clear Guard for optimal durability, cleanability and smudge resistance.

Excelite, Inc.

Excelite Inc. is expanding its existing product line to include more TVX products and Transitions. Excelite’s TVX is the brand name made of the breakthrough Trivex monomer from PPG and now includes a flat top 28 in 4, 6 and 8 base curves. Also coming is Transitions V in semi-finished single vision TVX, FT28 TVX, X-Pro Omnis (18mm Ft. Ht PAL) in TVX and high index 1.60 and X-Pro Minuo (16mm Ft. Ht. PAL) in TVX and high index 1.60.

HOYA Lens of America

Introducing HOYALUX iD, the world’s first Integrated Double-Surface progressive lens. This lens is so revolutionary, it does what no other progressive lens has done before — separating the actual performance of the front and back surface of the lens. With HOYALUX iD, the vertical progressive powers are positioned on the front surface of the lens while the horizontal progressive powers are positioned on the rear surface — virtually eliminating the “swimming” and “swaying” sensations that are common with ordinary progressive lenses.

KBco, Inc.

KBco, polarized lens company has released Wrap Solutions, a series of polarized lenses designed to provide excellent optics in today’s oversized fashion and performance wrap frames. Wrap Solutions consist of Single Vision Wrap and EOS Wrap (progressive), both available today. Wrap Solutions polarized polycarbonate lenses are available in KBco Grey-C, KBco True Grey and KBco Brown-C. Best of all, they can be processed at any full service laboratory.

Pentax Vision

Pentax DiamondClear polycarbonate lenses now come in both aspheric and spherical designs. Available in clear hardcoat, Surpass ECP Super Hydro AR or Surpass AR, these lenses offer an aspheric range of +3.00 to -8.00 out to a -2.00 cylinder (total power -8.00), while the spherical product is offered from +3.00 to -6.00 out to a -2.00 cylinder.

SEIKO Optical

Seiko Optical Products introduces Succeed Internal Free-Form Progressive. This revolutionary technology, invented and patented by Seiko Epson, places the progressive power on the back surface of the lens. This eliminates front surface distortion, provides a wider field of view and billions of exact Rx combinations. Succeed is available in 1.50, poly and 1.67, clear and Transitions gray. Seiko 1.67 Super SV AR finished lenses now feature SuperClean, with an enhanced 1.67 index matched hardcoat and super hydrophobic/oleophobic topcoating.

Shamir Insight, Inc.

In March 2006, Shamir Insight, Inc. launched Creation, a revolutionary progressive lens for presbyopes. Developed with patented Free Form optics, Creation provides design resolution up to six times more accurate than standard cast PALs. Available in six different base curves — representing 20 percent more options than the leading competitor — Creation delivers superior optical quality in a thin lens that is up to 40 percent flatter than alternatives. Creation’s combined advantages result in an optimally divided prescription range, guaranteeing the best optical performance for each prescription.

Signet Armorlite, Inc.

The KODAK Unique Progressive is customized for smooth visual performance. The Vision First Design is optimized for each patient’s frame size and shape, and can accommodate any B measurement — large or small — down to a 13mm fitting height. Digital Resolution Technology also ensures quality optics, as all visual corrections are combined and applied to the back surface of the lens.

Also new from Signet Armorlite, the KODAK Precise and KODAK Concise lenses are now available in the durable, yet lightweight Trivex material.

SOLA Optical USA

From the designers of AO Compact, the original short-corridor progressive, Compact ULTRA brings great progressive lens performance to frames with a minimum 13mm fitting height. Compact ULTRA’s unique short-corridor design delivers full-prescribed reading area and excellent vision to all distances even in ultra-small frames. And Compact ULTRA’s unique design delivers low surface astigmatism and a soft, smooth geometry in the distance and intermediate zones for maximum viewing comfort.

Specialty Lens Corporation

Specialty Lens Corporation is expanding the iRx Polaroid line by introducing the first short corridor polarized lens in a polycarbonate material: iRx Short. This new lens has a minimum fitting height of 14mm and offers a much-needed short corridor option in polarized lenses for ECP's to offer patients. iRx Short will be available in a selection of four base curves, and two color choices, Smoke and Chocolate.

Vision-Ease Lens

LifeRx is a new best-in-class photochromic lens that delivers crystal clarity indoors, darkens very quickly, and deactivates 50 percent faster than other photochromic lenses. LifeRx utilizes Vision-Ease Lens’ patented molded film technology for greater durability and ease of processing. The initial rollout of this product line includes the first ever polycarbonate D-28, as well as an aspheric semi-finished single vision, and IlluminaR progressive designs.

X-CEL Optical Co.

During the second half of 2006 X-Cel is adding many items to its line of Aris Trivex lenses. The new FreedomID progressive lens will be introduced in both Clear and Transitions lenses. In addition, the full line of clear lenses will be introduced in Transitions lenses. This includes single vision, bifocals and trifocals. Because of their superior tensile strength, Aris Trivex lenses are the best lenses available for drill mount and rimless frames. Thus, loose screws and breakouts can be a thing of the past. Aris Trivex lenses are available through most prescription laboratories.

Younger Optics

Designed specifically for driving, DriveWear is the first polarized photochromic lens to darken behind the windshield, enhancing vision in virtually any weather condition. With flat top 28 Trilogy Transitions Lenses, labs can say “yes” to patients who need flat tops, love Transitions, and need the impact resistance and strength of the Trivex material. The IMAGE line continues to grow with high index 1.67 Transitions (also available in single vision) and 1.67 clear. Trilogy spherical single vision is scheduled for release third quarter 2006.

Augen Optics: (866) 284-3611

Carl Zeiss Optical: (800) 338-2984

Essilor of America: (800) 237-8725, ext. 7132

Excelite: (614) 497-0300

HOYA Lens of America: (800) 423-2361

KBco: (800) 722-8776

Pentax Vision: (800) 401-9101

SEIKO Optical: (800) 235-5367

Shamir Insight: (888) 707-7760

Signet Armorlite: (800) 759-0075

SOLA Optical USA: (800) 358-8258

Specialty Lens Corporation: (888) 678-4765

Vision-Ease Lens: (800) 328-3449

X-CEL Optical: (800) 747-9235

Younger Optics: (800) 366-5367


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