What You Need to Know About...OLA Annual Meeting

By The OLA
The 2010 OLA Annual Meeting will be held in Las Vegas on October 7-9, co-located with the exhibits at International Vision Expo West. This combination of two very important events demonstrates the ‘1 + 1 = 3’ theme that is the goal of the ongoing joint efforts of OLA and The Vision Council, which co-owns International Vision Expo,” said Kevin Bargman, OLA president.

“Delegates will have exclusive access to all the features that make the OLA Annual Meeting so valuable to optical labs,” said OLA vice president Mike Francesconi, Katz & Klein, “and they will also have full access to the exhibit hall at International Vision Expo West. OLA members will have everything they have always had from both of these events, with the added benefit of reduced expense, travel, and time commitment.”

OLA and International Vision Expo West have arranged exclusive exhibit hours for OLA delegates, as well as a VIP lounge in the exhibit hall, available to OLA delegates during all the hours that the exhibit hall is open. All of the traditional OLA events: education sessions, networking luncheons, receptions, and Awards ceremonies, will be held in the meeting rooms used by International Vision Expo West.

The sequence of events for the OLA event has been reversed with the exhibit time in the morning. The education sessions will be held in the afternoon after the networking luncheon. Based on OLA delegates’ travel preferences the Annual Meeting will begin at 12 noon on Thursday, and ends at 12 noon on Saturday.

“OLA delegates will have everything they have always had at the Annual Meeting,” said OLA director Drake McLean, Dietz-McLean Optical, “and they will also find an additional dimension of information available through the International Vision Expo West resources.”

Tradition + Vision = The Future is the theme for the 2010 OLA Annual Meeting. This reflects both what is going on in the optical lab business as well as the discussions that are underway between OLA and The Vision Council. OLA members’ comments and suggestions have been used to prepare an agenda that tackles the important issues and problems facing optical labs. The education will feature quite a few panel discussions of lab owners and managers sharing their experiences with these issues and problems. Education program topics will include:

• Health Care Reform – What It Means to Your Lab, Your Business, and Your Customers

• New ANSI Z80.1 and Z87.1 Standards – What They Mean for Labs

• New Regulations Affecting Your Lab and Your Business

• Digital Technologies – Experience from Labs – Panel Discussion by Lab Owners

• Finishing Section SOPs – Panel Discussion by Lab Owners

• Developing and Enhancing Your Lab’s Web Presence

• Designing a Script for Your Customers

• How to Increase Word-of-Mouth Referrals to Your Lab

• Marketing Your Lab in Today’s Complex Market – Panel Discussion by Lab Owners

• Change and How To Embrace It – Making Tradition + Vision = The Future For You

• Mergers and Acquisitions – The Status of the Optical Lab Business

• Corporate Responsibility – How Do You Decide to Give Back – A Panel Discussion

The OLA will distribute detailed information about the 2010 Annual Meeting throughout the lab industry. OLA and International Vision Expo West are working closely together to ensure that OLA exhibitors are accommodated at the show.


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