WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT...Chemistrie Magnetic Lenses

By Christie Walker

Eyenavision’s patented Chemistrie Magnetic Lens Layering System is a sleek and stylish way to add sunlenses, reader lenses, or 3-D lenses to any prescription frame. The Chemistrie System utilizes tiny micro magnets that are imbedded within the sun lens and also into the prescription lens. Since the magnets are near the edge of the lens, they are outside of the field of vision and barely noticeable.

The Chemistrie system is the result of years of research. The new Chemistrie clips have rendered previous generations of clip-on sunglasses obsolete. The lenses used on Chemistrie clips are thin (.8mm) and assembled using a titanium bridge piece. Since they are rimless, they are extremely lightweight, yet still very durable. The lenses are offered in multiple base curves so they can be perfectly matched to the base curve of the Rx lens thereby reducing rubbing and scratching between the lenses. Chemistrie lenses fit virtually any frame, including 3-piece rimless frames. All of these features make Chemistrie superior to the older style ready-made clip-ons.

In addition to 24 sun lens colors, Eyenavision offers Chemistrie lenses in a reader layer in powers ranging from +.50 through +2.50 in increments of +.25. These lenses are perfect for single vision lens wearers that have developed presbyopia or for patients who spend extensive time in front of a computer monitor.

Finally, Eyenavision offers a 3-D lens layer that is compatible with televisions that utilize passive 3-D technology and movie theatres showing RealD cinema productions.

So why would an optical lab want to carry the Chemistrie product line? Joseph Zewe, president of Eyenavision explained, “First and foremost there is a real customer demand for Chemistrie and the potential to create more satisfied customers. For labs, Chemistrie represents an opportunity for increased profits. If as lab is processing a job for a frame that has a ready-made clip-on made by the manufacturer, you only get revenues and profit on the lenses in the Rx frame. With Chemistrie, you pick up the work for the custom clip, which is new revenue and profit for the lab.”

Currently Eyenavision has over 70 wholesale lab customers fabricating and distributing Chemistrie products to optical retailers across the United States. Eyenavision trains the lab technicians onsite regarding making Chemistrie products with equipment already owned by the lab. Eyenavision provides the inventory needed by the wholesale lab for production along with product displays that labs can provide to their retailer customers.

“We have the training of the labs down to a science. Experienced lab operators can easily fabricate the product after only one day of training,” said Zewe.

To learn more about Chemistrie, please call 888-321-3939 or visit www.eyenavision.com.


Labtalk June 2020