Web Site of the Year 2012

By Christie Walker

When you go to the Precision Optical Group (POG) Web site, the moment you land on the home page, you get the feeling that this is a fun company. Their animated opening page is completely different from any other optical laboratory Web site out there. But having a bit of animation isn’t enough to win the 2012 Optical Laboratory Web Site of the Year award from LabTalk. You need content that is of value to the lab customer to keep those customers coming back. Here’s what POG customers had to say about the Web site.

“I can go on and order my own UPS labels. I can track packages, track jobs, find out what promotions they are running. I can get deals, such as discounts and free products that are only available if you are on their site that day. The site is very easy to use,” said Terri Clark.

Another user commented: “The POG site makes it easy to print the items I need and check on the promotions they are running.”

In reviewing the other top ten web sites, here are the features that were most appreciated by their customers:

• Online ordering and tracking.
• Live online support.
• Easy to use
• Promotions and deals
• Detailed product information

If you are looking to update your site or make improvements, your customers are the best resource for learning what you need. Ask them. When we surveyed ECPs about their favorite Web sites, we received over 300 responses. Many of the responses to the question, “What do you like best about your lab’s Web site?” were two or three words such as: “It’s easy to use” or “Monthly newsletters” or “Lots of information.” But some of the responses provided additional information that could be invaluable to labs trying to provide the best Web site for their customers. Here’s a collection of some of the best comments from the 2012 survey and the sites to which they were referring. Use these comments and visit these other Web sites to learn how to improve your own site and check out our Top Ten sites as well.

2012 Top Ten Optical Laboratory Web Sites
Precision Optical Group     www.poglabs.com
Pech Optical                      www.pechoptical.com
Luzerne Optical                 www.luzerneoptical.com
Sutherlin Optical                www.sutherlinoptical.com
Optical Prescription Lab     www.opticalprescriptionlab.com
Katz & Klein                     www.katzandklein.com
iCoat Company                 www.icoatcompany.com
Superior Optical                www.superioroptical.com
Empire Optical                   www.empireoptical.org
Classic Optical                  www.classicoptical.com

“I like how the Web site makes everything accessible and easy to find. Everything is well organized. The information regarding the lab’s anti-reflective coating is very helpful.”

“The site makes it quick and easy to order online, and I especially like how we can track orders in real time. When our customers inquire about their glasses I go to the Web site and get an instant update.”

“I like the fun optical illusions, plus the detailed information on all their products.”

“The site is informative without a lot of marketing hype.”

“The site is very user friendly and allows me to place orders online. The site streamlines practice management, giving me up-to- date info on new products, information on all lens availability, lab pricing and promotions.”

“The live support online has been most helpful. We have utilized the live support on a number of occasions to clarify questions we’ve had. You can order lenses and pull up a price list online. I also like the webinars and other training materials. It is a one stop information site.”

“The site is loaded with useful information including price lists, education, Q&A, new products and too much more to list here.”

“Easy to understand, this site has the most up-to-date information, presented in a clear and concise way. Super user friendly.


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