By Christie Walker
Optical Prescription Lab had an unprecedented 90 nominations from ECPs for their dynamic Website. The site is bold, easy-to-use and packed full of information eye care practitioners need. Optical Prescription Lab keeps it simple, and doesn’t overwhelm its visitors with too much information or vendor ads. Quick links make it easy to find the information you need and drop down menus show you the multiple layers of information for those searching for more. Here’s what Optical Prescription Lab customers had to say about the Web site.
“OPL’s Website is very easy to navigate. I can always find the answers I need without taking time away from our customers. Their clear descriptions and thorough explanations make my job so much easier.”

Another user commented: “OPL has created a Website which can be used easily and has all the information we need to keep our patients in the newest lens technology. I always have speedy responses to my questions submitted online.”

And one more: “I love finding out about their promotions, and new products. I can always keep my patients in the most up-to-date technology!”

In reviewing the other top ten Websites, here are the features that were most appreciated by their customers:
• Easy to use, including features that are easy to navigate and easy ordering
• Online ordering and tracking. Must be easy to use.
• Live online support with quick response times for online questions
• Product information on lenses, lenses, lenses
• Promotions and deals

The absolute number one comment from users was easy to use. Your customers don’t want to wade through mountains of information. They want everything easy to use, easy to find, and easy to order. Many of the Websites we reviewed that didn’t make the top ten had loads of information, but were not organized in a way that made the information easy to find. Based on the comments from users, ease-of-use in all things is number one, followed by lens information. Check out the comments of the judges and users for this year’s Top Ten

#1 Website of the Year
Optical Prescription Lab
Judge’s Comments: Liked the bold look and feel. Well-organized. Great information. No fluff.
User Comments: “Very informative. Has the answer we need about products and what they have to offer in other area of their operations.” “OPL always has the information I need organized and easily accessible. They have the most up-to-date information. I can usually find answers to all my questions on the Website.”

#2 Diversified Ophthalmics

Judge’s Comments: Recently went through a redesign. Vastly improved over the old design. A real contender for Website of the year. Liked the visual way of displaying all information with clickable pdfs. Thirty-seven nominations from their users.
User Comments: “It is great to see that Diversified has updated their Website. It is user friendly.” “This Website is lively and dynamic unlike most boring lab Websites. You can tell they spend a lot of time and money in making it look good. Good information too.”

#3 LaramyK

Judge’s Comments: A beautiful site with high marks for look and feel. Laramy K provides plenty of information. Blog wasn’t up-to-date.
User Comments: “I can place my orders and when I’m done it gives me a review screen before I actually place the order. They also have a lens availability page and info on the lenses.” “Very easy to use.”

#4 Pech Optical
Judge’s Comments: The look and feel is a bit harsh with the black background and the layout is pretty static, but the depth of information goes on and on. High scores for usefulness to the ECP. Twenty-two nominations from their users.
User Comments: “It is very functional and I can take care of most of our lab tasks directly through their Website.” “Navigation is easy and you are able to get to your information quickly.”

#4 Luzerne Optical
Judge’s Comments: This is another site where the look and feel is a bit basic but the overwhelming amount of information is well organized with drop down menus. Tons and tons of useful information.
User Comments: “It’s where I go for new product release information.” “Easy to use.”

#5 Classic Optical
Judge’s Comments: Clean, easy-to-read design. Information well-organized and easy to find. Very professional looking. Not a lot of vendor ads. Thirty-five nominations from their users.
User Comments: “This Website is easy to navigate. As a Medicaid provider we really rely on our Websites to let us know what kind of insurance the patient has. Classic does this really well. Also, pretty much whatever we need is on the Website.”

#6 Midland Optical
Judge’s Comments: Site is pretty simple. Vendor ads dominate the masthead. Information is well-organized and easy to find.
User Comments: “It is easy to navigate and I am able to find what I need easily.” “Easy to use.” “Lots of product information.”

#7 Digital Eye Lab
Judge’s Comments: A new entry to the Website of the Year nominated by its users. Exceptional opening video. Look and feel needs some refreshing. Good information. Easy to use.
User Comments: “Digital Eye Lab’s Website is easy to use; Order entry and order tracking, are a few of the standouts.” “I like the ease of placing and tracking an order.”

#8 FEA Industries
Judge’s Comments: Recently went through a redesign. Like the new look and feel. Many areas still under construction. Could be a contender for 2014. Eighteen nominations from their users.
User Comments: “Allows placement and tracking of orders, as well as information about current products and promotions.” “Very easy to use interface, very intuitive, very informative.”

#9 Sutherlin Optical
Judge’s Comments: Home page needs a little work, but other pages are very clean and professional. Lots of helpful information. Easy to use.
User Comments: “Concise content that also helps the consumer.” “Easy to use and navigate.”

#10 iCoat Company
Judge’s Comments: Beautiful site with high marks for look and feel. Seems like this site and company is geared towards servicing other labs, not necessarily ECPs. Twelve nominations from their users.
User Comments: “The iCoat Website if very easy to use and navigate and has excellent content from education of optics to CE courses and promotional information.” “Easy to navigate thru. Great design and fun optical illusions.”

About the Judging: Optical laboratory Websites were nominated by ECPs through the VisionMonday Website. A notice was also placed in LabTalk inviting labs to nominate their own Websites for review. All labs nominated were reviewed. There were 395 individual nominations received via the VisionMonday site and five labs nominated themselves via LabTalk. Many of the ECP nominated Websites had multiple nominations. Nominated sites were judged on Look & Feel, Content, and Value to the ECP. User comments used in this article came directly from the lab nomination forms filled out by the ECPs.


Labtalk June 2020