WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT... Try Before You Buy” Demonstrations Ignite Your Business Part II

By Kay Jensen
We focused this year’s Transitions Academy event around the concept of “Experience It!” because we know that once eyeglass wearers experience Transitions lenses, they become advocates of the brand (94% of Transitions lens wearers repurchase them). With such high consumer satisfaction rates, Transitions Optical is always looking for ways for people to temporarily try Transitions lens technology so that they feel comfortable with their decision to buy the product. While this “Try Before You Buy” concept is not necessarily a new one, the ways we enable consumers to “try” is where we’re seeing a lot of innovation lately – especially within   the optical industry.

Photochromic lenses, for example, are one of the few technologies that patients can actually see working. Instead of explaining the technology behind the Transitions family of products with a verbal explanation alone, or with only a brochure, we’ve always encouraged our lab partners to wear Transitions lenses or use the Transitions UV Demo Unit to visually demonstrate the activation stages to customers. Now, we are able to build on the digital lifestyle that has become the norm, and embrace it to create interactive education.  

With three types of everyday Transitions lenses to choose from, your customers (and their patients) are now able to understand which one is best for them and experience a product simulation using Transitions Viewer (Transitions.com/Viewer). This new virtual demonstration tool is accessible from a laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile device, so that   patients can experience Transitions lenses during or prior   to an office visit.

Transitions Viewer is all about letting patients experience the technology for themselves. The tool uses 360x180 panoramic images so that it immerses users in the experience of wearing Transitions lenses, allowing them to explore different views indoors and outdoors. Plus, users can choose to turn the Transitions lenses feature on or off to experience the difference, and can prioritize the photochromic features that are most important to them, such as “darken while in the car” or   “reduce eyestrain from outdoor light.”

Walman Optical is also embracing this digital concept and developed an iOS app called SpecTech to make it easier for its eyecare professional customers to demonstrate different aspects of an eyeglass lens. The app shows patients the differences in cosmetic appeal and visual acuity through simulations, comparisons and tutorials.

Along the same lines as TransitionsViewer, the Walman app is designed to help patients feel more confident in their lens and frame selection.

During tradeshows, educational events and one-on-one sales calls, Walman is training its customers on how they can use SpecTech to provide more detailed answers to the specific lens questions a patient has. For example, if a patient isn’t sure about which progressive lens to choose or whether they want to purchase a non-glare coating, SpecTech provides comparisons and simulations.

Sometimes a patient may want to know how thick their lenses will look in their frame, or want a second opinion on a frame they are selecting. SpecTech can help with all of this as well through its “Lens Thickness Calculator” and “Frame Selection Tool.”

“Previously it was much more challenging for opticians to demonstrate lens thickness by material for a specific prescription, as well as show the benefits of digital lens technology,” said Kristin Miller, director of marketing for Walman Ophthalmic Group. “Being able to adjust the prescription and show how the patient’s vision will be impacted is proving   to be a powerful tool for helping patients understand the   value of the lens recommendation.”

SpecTech is available for purchase through the AppleStore and there are plans to enhance the app to integrate more product simulations including TransitionsViewer as well.

When the opportunity arises, reiterate to your customers that their patients appreciate the chance to try before they buy, and encourage them to give digital demonstration tools a try.

Kay Jensen is a strategic account manager at Transitions   Optical, Inc.


Labtalk June 2020