By Jonathan Ormsby

What’s the best way for educating your customers about a new product or technology? I’m almost positive that you would say that letting them try the product is most effective.

We also track this at transitions optical to learn more about what makes a successful transitions lens recommendation – and agree that experiencing the product is the best way to learn about it. Research shows that eyecare professionals who wear transitions lenses are most likely to recommend them to non-wearers (79 percent) and are more confident in their recommendations  To patients.

We’ve seen many of our lab partners catapult momentum around a product through trial voucher programs. Yes, managing and fulfilling free fits for your eyecare professional customers can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

Aspen optical partnered with transitions optical recently to launch a new trial voucher program this year and is already seeing great success. Here’s a look at what’s working for them.


Lunch ‘n learns and education presentations with customers is not something new for aspen optical sales representatives, but this year they integrated the free-fit voucher program as an incentive to increase education. Transitions signature vii lenses and the transitions family of products were the core of this year’s seminars.    

After giving a presentation to the practice staff, aspen optical hands out wallet-sized cards that direct the eyecare professionals to an online voucher site (which was developed in partnership with transitions optical, and customized for aspen optical). On the site, the eyecare professional must watch a short presentation that reinforces the training the sales rep gave in person. Then, in order to redeem the free fit voucher, the eyecare professional must successfully complete an online quiz.

According to aspen optical, their customers are responding positively to the additional training that they must complete online. They aren’t feeling like they must “jump through hoops” because they are realizing the process helps them become even more confident in the knowledge of the product.


There are many benefits to holding the voucher program online. The site that aspen optical uses takes the eyecare professional through a step-by-step process  That has them fill out everything from their contact information to choosing their lens options and confirming  Their prescription. 

Once the online form is filled out, the eyecare professional must print the voucher form and wrap it around the frames they wish the lenses to be placed in. At the same time that the eyecare professional mails the frames (and form) to aspen optical, the lab also receives an email confirming that someone had placed an order.

Aspen optical staff members are able to cross check what they receive in the mail and also what they receive via email to ensure everything is accounted for. So far it’s proved to be a seamless process for the team. 


In just the first few months of starting the program with a few target accounts, aspen optical has seen an 18 percent increase in its transitions lens sales. Aspen optical is looking to see how it can incorporate the voucher program during the back-to-school season as well. 

Regroup with your teams internally and see if a voucher program makes sense for your lab. Bottom line is fitting your customers in the products you carry will certainly give you the business growth you are looking for.

Jonathan Ormsby is the strategic account manager at Transitions Optical, inc.  


Labtalk June 2020