Expert Advice November/December 2014

By Staff


Santinelli International has recently introduced to the wholesale lab, central facility, and corporate retail edging environments the X-trimer SE-1 5-axis dry cut edging technology.  Though to-date the most commonly used dry cut industrial milling platforms are 4-axis, this all-encompassing technological advancement achieves both high production speed and ultimate finishing results of the most complex frame and eyewear offerings ever seen.

Where 4-axis milling platforms typically struggle with consistent shelf thickness in high wrap frames, the SE-1’s 5-axis technology provides an impressive first time “Cold Snap” fit of high wrap customizable shelf bevels. It is an instant confidence-builder for any floor production personnel charged with running the easy to operate SE-1 edger.  Additionally, 3D drilling and 3D gooving was a trail blazed by Santinelli tabletop design edger’s (ME-1000/ME-1200) and these features, now standard in the SE-1, deliver an exponentially faster outcome.  With flat polish, safety bevel polish, all-material faceting with polish, and specialty incline beveling, all features of the SE-1, the system is a true marvel of Nidek engineering. 

The SE-1 will punch out standard work in an average 30+ JPH level and when paired with one of our single (ADS-1000) or dual robotic edging systems (ADS-2200) will increase both JPH and labor savings across the board in any edging environment, regardless of volume.  Coupled with our industry-leading tracers touting high speed and high wrap accuracy (LT-1200/LT-980), as well as our exclusive “ICE” blocking systems, any lab can remain competitive at all levels while maintaining excellent margins. The SE-1 operates in conjunction with an LMS-compatible proprietary software (iRx Server) that makes creating and editing shapes a breeze without job flow interruption to the edger.  Steve Swalgen, Santinelli International


Schneider is implementing a totally new and improved system for the laboratory for 2015.  Already having started in 2014, Modulo will be the future.  Modulo includes six new machines from auto blocking to generating, polishing, laser marking and lens analysis.  It is the first time a lab’s production system has been so automated and efficient.  Forever, labs have requested a better way to have complete, real time control of their production and their process.  Modulo takes care of every aspect, even down to machine conditions.  For example, a job might have been rejected from days earlier. A simple mouse click reveals every aspect of that job’s journey, telling us which machines, what conditions such as temperatures, cutter life, polish flow, everything  that was present when it was processed.  It takes all guesswork out of processing stability.  And the new generation of machinery is faster, more accurate, and more streamlined than ever before.  In addition, many of the new developments are applicable across our spectrum of machinery, including smaller and mid- sized models.  Cost/performance ratio keeps getting better and better, from our smaller capacity machines to the largest. And for the high-volume requirement, there have never been faster and more efficient generating and polishing options in the industry!  Combined with the total solution including AR coating and our new ‘Game Changer’, the HSE modulo dual spindle edger, Schneider continues to maintain it’s role as innovation leader for the industry. Kurt Atchison,  Schneider Optical Machines







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