Website of the Year 2014

By Staff

With 44 eye care professional nominations iCoat’s Website, after years of being in the Top Ten, makes it to the top as Website of the Year. iCoat wows its Website visitors with its clean, modern look. Information is easy to find, and once found, worth reading. Organized in a logical way, the site makes it easy to find what you need and move on. Here’s what iCoat customers had to say about the Website.

“It is attractive, light/bright, has eye appeal, user friendly and has moving parts that look really good without being annoying. It has a LOT of useful information. We can order starting right at the home page,” said Pamela Ramsdell.

Another user commented: “The site is very informative. I love the way it ties right into the managed care eligibility systems.”

And two more: “The drop-down menu options are so easy to navigate and direct you to the complete information on a product or a service. I found the information very easily on their coating technologies. Not crowded with loads of ads from other companies!”

“Being an optician, I like how this Website has all the information easy to navigate. The site provides an ample collection of educational materials, promotion information and keeps me up-to-date on the events.”

In reviewing the other top ten Websites, here are the features that were most appreciated by their customers:

• Easy to use, is still number one. No use having great information if no one can find it.

• Pricing rose to the top this year. Many sites have pricing information but you need to be a customer or have login privileges to access it.

• Informative and up-to-date. Many of the sites reviewed  had old information and their event calendars were not up-to-date. The Top Ten sites were praised for their valuable and up-to-date information on products, promotions, services and events.

• Product information on lenses, lenses, lenses.  Sending customers to another site for information on lenses is not what customers are looking for when they come to YOUR site. Sites that scored well had all the information on their own site, not just links to vendor sites.

• Downloadable information. Many of the top ten sites have forms, information and handouts in PDF form that can be downloaded and printed. This makes it easy for customers  to find what they need without making a phone call request  to customer service.

Judge’s Comments:

Many of this year’s sites have had obvious “face lifts” and content improvements, notably the FEA site. With a few more graphics and illustrations, the FEA site could be a contender for Website of the Year in 2015. The Laramy-K site is always a favorite, with its clean look and unique offerings. The Laramy-K blog is back and very popular with Laramy-K customers. Many of the Top Ten sites really have improved their look and feel. They seem easy-to-use and well organized, although it’s hard to judge how useful a particular site is to the ECP without nominations and comments from the ECP community. Many of the sites only had one or two nominations and  few comments.

About the Judging…Optical laboratory Websites were nominated by ECPs through the VisionMonday Website. A notice was also placed in LabTalk inviting labs to nominate their own Websites for review. All labs nominated were reviewed. There were 105 individual nominations received via the VisionMonday site and seven labs that nominated themselves via LabTalk. Many of the ECP nominated Websites had multiple nominations. Nominated sites were judged on Look & Feel, Content, and Value to the ECP. User comments used in this article came directly from the lab nomination forms filled out by the ECPs.



2014 Optical Laboratory Website of the Year


1) iCoat Company                     

2)Laramy-K Optical                  

3) Optical Prescription Lab      

4) FEA Industries                     

5) Superior Optical                    

6) Interstate Optical                  

7) Walman Optical                    

8) Midland Optical                   

9) Precision Optical Group       

10) Classic Optical                    







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