By Andrew Karp

If you missed Vision Expo West in Las Vegas, you may not be aware of several new products that were launched at the show. Check out this compilation of new lens products highlighted at the show.


Essilor launched Eyezen glasses, which it calls “an optimal solution for the millennial generation—people between the ages of 18 and 34.” Eyezen glasses not only benefit those who require a prescription but also those who currently wear contact lenses or do not wear prescription glasses at all, according to Essilor. Eyezen glasses contain a small amount of accommodative relief, in the lower portion of the lens to help alleviate eyestrain often caused by viewing text and small screens on devices such as tablets and smart phones. Three Eyezen lens designs are available; the patient’s age will determine which design is right for them: Eyezen 1—patients aged 20 to 34; Eyezen 2—patients aged 35 to 44; Eyezen 3—patients aged 45 and up. Eyezen 1 will target the millennial generation, which provides the biggest opportunity for ECPs and is the main focus of the brand, according to Essilor.

Rodenstock and Egma

Rodenstock and EGMA are offering an improved version of Rodenstock’s Impression lenses. The individual high-tech lenses will be available from EGMA with pupil-optimized correction. By taking pupil variance into consideration, the effect of spherical aberration on vision is offset. The result is sharp vision at all distances and in all light conditions. Rodenstock and EGMA will also offer the EyeModel component, the unique Rodenstock Eye Lens Technology, for all Multigressiv lenses. This makes it possible to see up to 25 percent better in the near and intermediate range.

PFO Global

PFO Global will introduce Vitaris, a lens designed to block UVA/UVB up to 100 percent and HEV up to 95 percent with premium AR coating. Vitaris Lenses are made of a radiation-blocking component that is incorporated into the lens material and is not a coating. Vitaris is clear without any color absorption. It is available in free-form PAL (identity), and SV upgrade or as semi-finished SV 1.60 or 1.74 index. Vitaris is offered in PFO’s finished eyewear collections, Fun & Love, SmartEyewear and Tach.

 Super Optical International

Super Optical International, the creators of the FastGrind system, debuted ADDvantage HD Plus lenses. ADDvantage HD Plus is a high-definition progressive design providing clarity, superior comfort, and no distortion in the distance area. ADDvantage HD Plus is offered in 1.56 index and with premium Clarity AR coating, in 1.50, 3.00, 5.25, and 7.00 bases.


Transitions Optical And Younger Optics

Developed jointly by Transitions Optical and Younger Optics, Transitions Signature VII polycarbonate composite flat-top 28 lenses are now available. This new lens fills a previous gap in the availability of Transitions lenses, so that more bifocal wearers can now enjoy the unsurpassed photochromic performance of Transitions Signature VII lenses.

Transitions Drivewear lenses from Younger Optics, which are technologically advanced, polarized adaptive driving lenses, are now available in Trilogy Trivex, the high-impact, lightweight, high-Abbe material of choice for discerning wearers. Transitions Drivewear Trilogy lenses are available in SF spherical blanks for single vision and digital PAL, and in finished plano.



More than two-thirds of adults report feeling stressed while driving in rain, fog and low-light. Now there’s Zeiss  DriveSafe, a lens and coating solution specially designed for the visual challenges of driving. Developed with input from a leading German driving research institute and a leading headlight manufacturer, DriveSafe has been designed to provide better vision and easier changes of focus in all light conditions. Each DriveSafe lens includes the new Zeiss DuraVision DriveSafe coating, which reduces the glare from high-energy headlights. Available in both progressive and single vision, Zeiss DriveSafe is recommended for all-day use, whether on or off the road.



Essilor launched Essilor Colors, a new line of sun lenses available in a range of colors and gradients. Consumers will be able to select from a variety of color options—six tints, six gradients and three mirrors—for up to 48 custom color combinations. Lens color choices feature gray mist, sienna brown, forest gray, emerald blue, grape and plum. These colors can be combined with gold, blue and silver mirror effects. All colors are available in prescription lenses. The new Essilor Colors will utilize Nidek technology to provide users with benefits such as longer lasting and consistent color and will be available as Xperio UV polarized sun lenses, Crizal Sunshield UV tinted lenses, standard polarized and standard tinted lenses.

 Dynamic Labs

The Plano Collection from Dynamic Labs is a complete collection of solid, gradient and mirrored polarized plano lenses from Carl Zeiss Sun Lens.


Labtalk June 2020