By Rose Harris

There were some changes to this year’s Transitions Academy event. For instance, the new Innovation Awards program was introduced, which celebrated individuals and companies for their innovative efforts in specific business areas to support the Transitions brand over 2016.

All of the Innovation Awards finalists were invited to participate in a best practice panel session, where attendees were able to learn from each other by hearing how these companies drove success with Transitions lenses in 2016. The panel was designed to give representatives from the optical channel—comprising of independent eyecare practices, labs and regional and national retailers —a chance to share ideas and discuss what helps their businesses get ahead. 

With this year’s Transitions Academy theme titled, “Enlighten,” the finalists were asked to share a moment of enlightenment that they had with the Transitions brand over the last year. All finalists have had different ‘ah-ha’ moments with Transitions lenses—answers varied from realizing the importance of prescribing from the exam chair or watching their repurchase rate grow.

Take a look at what some of the participants had to say. And maybe even ask yourself, “What has been your moment of enlightenment with Transitions lenses?”

“Our office is located in Arizona, so it is very sunny. A lot of people just want to stay inside, but Transitions lenses really make a difference in the way that our patients function on a daily basis. We often hear feedback from our patients —especially those with excessive photophobia—about how much more comfortable they are with Transitions lenses.

“I’m a leader that loves to inspire and motivate my team members and I love companies who share that same passion—when they put the patient first. Not the product, not the performance objectives, but the patient.”

“It all started with last year’s Transitions Academy, which was my first time attending. I had just purchased my practice, and I had no idea what to expect.

I didn’t realize how big of an opportunity there is for us once we prescribe the lenses to every patient. I found it was important to take advantage of the point-of-sale materials and to be able to take the time to discuss the benefits with everyone. If you implement half of the things that you learn from the Transitions Optical team, you can approach doubling your Transitions lens sales.”

“My management team realized the strength of the brand. Knowing that Transitions lenses have a 94 percent repurchase rate, my company is confident they are providing our customers with the very best photochromic lens product.”

“If you prescribe Transitions lenses from the exam chair, and you take the time to tell your patients why they are helping, they’re going to have the same enlightening moment that we have had—where they’re going to be able to really see the value.

We don’t tell or recommend to our patients. Instead, I prescribe what the best product is for my patient. And with Transitions lenses, we can do that.


Labtalk June 2020