Overheard at Transitions Academy


Rose Harris , Associate Director of Professional Relations, Transitions Optical

Now that summer months has passed, it’s the perfect time to recall what you learned during this year’s Transitions Academy and share it with your customers. This year was filled with educational courses and opportunities for eyecare professionals to share their “best practices.” Let’s reflect on the content that was presented during Academy, and look at how you can leverage it to generate success for your lab and your customers.

The Science, Art, and Life of a Transitions Lens course discussed how creating satisfied wearers who are loyal is essential to not only Transitions business, but yours as well. During the course, Sarah Barrows shared that more than 8 out of 10 wearers are satisfied with Transitions lenses – so much so, that 94% said they will purchase them again at their next visit to their optometrist/optician. With such a high satisfaction and repurchase rate, Transitions lenses are an ideal choice for your lab and your customers’ businesses. 

During the Harmful Blue Light and Optical Solutions course, Brian Chou, OD, mentioned that most people don’t realize that harmful blue light is actually present both indoors and outdoors, and that the sun is the largest singular source of harmful blue light. To help protect patients, Dr. Chou suggested promoting “sun protection” so that UV and blue light aren’t un-bundled as separate entities, but lumped together. An example of this would be to say, “Recent evidence shows that excessive harmful blue light exposure may damage your eyes, like UV light, and that is why I am prescribing you Transitions lenses because they help protect your eyes from both.” The three Os can deliver this message—it’s up to you and your sales/service team to remind them.

In addition to the health benefits of Transitions lenses, the style aspect of lenses was also a topic of interest at Academy. The Finding the Style in Lenses course gave an overview of the latest eyewear trends, as well as how to pair stylish frames with Transitions lenses. During the course, Bill Gerber also discussed how to create a validating environment with in-store merchandising. One tip was to create a demo station with a Transitions UV Lamp or torches, and enhance the station with eyewear displays. By making eyewear available during the demo, it empowers the patient to visualize themselves using Transitions lenses and increases the sales potential. This is an important message that you can pass along to your customers.

We closed Academy with the presentation of the Innovation Awards, during which we heard inspiring stories from the finalists on their accomplishments. One example of success from this year was Professional VisionCare, an independent practice located in Columbus, Ohio. To get more staff members on board with Transitions lenses, Professional VisionCare worked with their lab, Walman Optical, to conduct a Transitions lens wearer study. All staff members were able to try Transitions lenses and were tested on their knowledge—and biases—about the product. The wearers study helped change many staff members’ minds about Transitions lenses and helped them increase sales. What strategies can you and your customers employ to be finalists next year?

If you’d like to share additional best practices from Transitions Academy, the Transitions Connect program is where you can get access to all of the best resources. Presentations, videos, handouts and more are all available for Connect members to access, download and share. Visit TransitionsConnect.com to get connected today.

And, just because Academy is over, doesn’t mean the learning has to stop. Consider co-hosting a Peer-to-Peer Dinner. Quality conversations with colleagues are a key source of information and can fuel success. During these interactive small-group sessions a Transitions Pro Forum advisor will lead an open discussion to encourage attendees to share and learn best practices on subjects from increasing capture rate to providing a patient experience that earns repeat business. Talk to your Transitions Account Manager to learn how to cohost an event.


Labtalk June 2020