Overheard at Transitions Academy: Finding the Style in Lenses

By Rose Harris, Associate Director of Professional Relations, Transitions Optical
At Transitions Academy 2017, we held a course called “Finding the Style in Lenses” to get people thinking of Transitions® lenses from more than just a health perspective. This course was all about the latest eyewear trends and how to make lenses part of the style story by pairing different options with fashionable frames to create a unique look. Attendees enjoyed the content so much that we decided to create new style materials to help educate other eyecare professionals. The new materials include the Lens Style Guide and a short training presentation.

Building on the content that was shared at Academy, the new resources have even more information to share with your customers.


Eyeglasses are trending up, and so are unique frame styles. Edgy, oversized, brow-focused and aviators are just a few of the most popular frame styles mentioned. Your customers can recommend these frames to their patients and pair them with Transitions lenses for a personalized look indoors and outdoors.


Lenses also come in a variety of colors, coatings and tints and adding a different lens color can increase the style factor of any pair of eyeglasses. Transitions lenses are available in three distinct colors—gray, brown and graphite green—that can complement different frame styles as well as enhance the visual experience. A great way to create a unique look is to pair a Transitions® XTRActive® or Transitions® Drivewear® lens with a mirror coating. A flash-mirror coating will complement the different levels of tint offered by Transitions lenses.

Get Social

Consumers often look to social media for style inspiration and tips. Providing resources for your customers to connect with their patients via social channels will encourage them to think more about lenses and style.

Style the Office

Your customers should make sure their patients are encouraged to browse and explore their store by creating a clean, modern and interactive environment. One tip to share: Modernize display cases to enhance the style aspect of each frame. Implementing digital displays can also create a more modern look. Overall, encourage customers to make lens choice a conversation from the beginning.

Access the Style Materials

Launched during Academy and new for 2017, the Transitions® Connect program is where you can get access to all of the best resources from Transitions. The new style materials are all available for members to access, download and share at TransitionsConnect.com. As a connected representative you’ll also enjoy fast-track priority access to other marketing and education tools, point-of-sale materials and easy online ordering as well as demo tools and free fits, and exclusive promotion programs designed specifically for connected representatives.

It all adds up to growth and success, for you and your accounts. ■

Rose Harris is Associate Director of Professional Relations at Transitions Optical. For more information, contact her at: [email protected]


Labtalk June 2020