Laramy-K OpticianWorks Goes Behind The Scenes To Produce “How They’re Made: Surfaced Lenses and AR Coatings.”

By Labtalk

As part of their free, weekly, optician training video series distributed via Facebook and YouTube, Laramy-K Optical’s John Seegers, Director of Education, and Keith Benjamin, Director of Marketing, have released a new video covering the process of lens surfacing and AR coating application.

The 21-minute video, shot in the style of “How It’s Made,” takes viewers behind the scenes to document the process of making uncut lenses, both conventional and freeform, from ordering all the way to shipping. The video also takes an in-depth look at AR (anti-reflective) coating application, including spin-coated and dip-coated scratch-resistant layers.

“I have always felt opticians—and even ODs—should have a better understanding of the surfacing lab and everything that goes into a seemingly simple uncut lens,” said Seegers. “When they have that understanding, they feel more comfortable selling and ultimately can deliver a better product to their customers, which is what it’s all about. So, producing this video was a thrill for me.

Laramy-K’s popular YouTube channel now features 63 videos with more being added each week. Topics include lens materials, in-office finishing, lensometry and much more.

“We couldn’t be happier with how well the videos have been received,” noted Benjamin. “Even though the topics can be dry at times, with John’s personality and the magic of editing, we try to make every video as entertaining as possible. Our goal is to help brick-and-mortar opticals compete in a world where online sales are becoming more prevalent. Education is the first step in that direction.”

Laramy-K Optical, the only exclusively-uncut laboratory in the U.S., established in 1989 in Indianola, IA, is a leader in the use of freeform technology. The company offers a complete range of freeform and conventional uncut surfaced lenses and AR coatings, serving all industries.

OpticianWorks is the premier online education site for opticians. Established in 2008 and acquired by Laramy-K Optical in 2015 to help further its goal of improving optician education, OpticianWorks provides comprehensive optician training with courses that include optics, anatomy, optical products, sales, business management and in-office finishing.

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Labtalk June 2020