Plastic Plus Opens New State-Of-The-Art Optical Lab

By Labtalk

Plastic Plus, Canada’s largest independent optical lab, has opened a new, state-of-the-art optical lab manufacturing facility in Toronto.

The new facility doubles the lens manufacturing and coating capacity and increases both accuracy and delivery time. The company has been serving the optical industry for more than 40 years.

“We are incredibly excited to debut this new facility to the industry. More than three years of planning and construction went into creating what is now one of the top optical labs in the world,” said Plastic Plus President Paul Faibish. “Every area of production has been enhanced to improve quality and service. With our advanced conveyor systems the process is now completely automated from lens tapping to mapping.”

Plastic Plus has incorporated the latest lens manufacturing machinery from Satisloh, MEI, A&R, Schneider and OptoTech. Plastic Plus is committed to independent eye care providers, offering products from the highest level of lens technology including Seiko, Rodenstock, Shaw Lens and IOT.

“We strive to provide the best lens technology available. We manufacture in Canada. We do not send our work offshore and we do not operate retail in direct competition with our Canadian clients,” said Faibish. “This lab is not just for us, but for our clients who believe like we do that independent optical is important and deserves the best products and service.”

The lab held its first official tour during the Ontario Opticians Association’s “Inside Optics” conference, on April 29th. For more information, visit



Labtalk June 2020