Hilco Vision Releases Logic Mega Kit and Cube Block


Hilco Vision’s new Logic Mega Kit is a must for any practice, offering everything you need in one small, compact kit that organizes the company's most innovative repair parts.

Everything you need for simple repairs is at your fingertips, saving countless trips to the back room. The Logic Mega Kit includes 200 pairs of Logic Nose Pads in the most popular sizes and 10 of each of the most popular Logic Screws. Logic Nose Pads, are made of premium no-slip silicone and feature a dual purpose design fitting both screw-on and push-on, reducing inventories and enhancing the selection process. The Logic Screw family consists of one length and just six eyewire/hinge screws in various diameters and colors that replace every other screw type in your inventory.

The company has also released a new product called The Cube. Serving three unique functions in one, the Cube, is an innovative acrylic block that is a three-in-one tool, offering accurate, easy and fast marking of 190 degrees on lenses. The Cube also allows for pantoscopic tilt measurement, while the other side can measure the height of the reading segment. Conveniently, the tool holds a standard Staedler marking pen, which is included.

For more information, visit www.hilcovision.com.



Labtalk June 2020