6 Tips for Building a Marketing Strategy for Your Lab

By By Julie Bos
Don’t have a marketing strategy? It’s never too late to build this essential tool.

1. Describe your company’s unique selling proposition (USP). Write a compelling sentence that describes the essence of your business—the thing that sets you apart from the rest. That’s the starting point for a marketing plan that will generate results.

2. Define your target market. Include the demographic, geographical area and basic needs of this market.

3. Write down the benefits of your services. How will your offering impact or transform your target customers in a positive way? What will they gain from working with you versus competitive labs?

4. Define your marketing methods. Will you advertise using direct marketing, online marketing, sales promotions/pricing, on-site education or a combination of all? You’ll need to select the best marketing methods to explain, teach and promote how your services stand out from competitors.

5. Develop your budget. Marketing is an investment. While a good plan will help you outline your lab’s product and service strategies, tactics, expenses and expectations, a budget will ensure that your team follows through on the market roadmap to reach important goals.

6. Revisit your marketing plan at least once a quarter. Are you on target? Do you need to revise it? Even though your marketing plan will help you visualize a clear path to success, circumstances can change immediately and make your plan obsolete or outdated.


Labtalk September 2019