Consider House-Branded AR...“Hit One Out of the Park”

If AR coating was a sport, you could say that “house” brands offer optical labs the home team advantage. Find out from labs and AR providers how house brand AR impacts their business.

Bigger. Smaller. Faster.

AR has been around for a long time and has gone through its ups and downs. Advances in technology have made it easier for all labs, of any size, to be able to offer in-house AR. Check out the trends in AR and learn what manufacturers are offering.


Some things just go together, like soap and water, one hand washing the other - and lens cleaning and anti-reflective (AR) coating. Learn some of the ins and outs of lens cleaning as it pertains to AR coatings.


Lens cleaning is a lot like the second or third leg in a four-man relay. It’s an essential step that can greatly affect the outcome, but it rarely gets the glory. That second or third leg in your optical lab “relay” is just as likely to be filled by man, machine or robot. Find out how your peers are dealing with this important lab step.


Whether you’re considering in-house AR coating for the first time or have been doing it for years, the world of AR coating is continually evolving. Find out what’s new in equipment and formulations.

Super-Size Your AR Sales

Industry Experts Provide Top Tips For Increasing Ar Sales.


Is your lab ready to grow revenue through in-house AR coating? Find out what you need to know about making the investment, plus tips on edging those slippery lenses.

Magnify Your Ar Success: Boost Your Profits With New Lenses And Processing Tips

There are new AR offerings from top lens manufacturers. Find out what’s new AND top tips for processing hydrophobic lenses.

What Makes a Winner in Lens Coating & Cleaning Equipment...Results

Manufacturers speak out on what to look for when shopping for lens coating and cleaning equipment.

Today's AR Super Hydrophobic Lens

Find out guidelines for successfully blocking, edging and mounting AR super hydrophobic lenses.

The Importance of Lens Cleaning After Spin Coating and Prior to AR

Learn exactly what is meant by "cleaning a lens."

Getting in Gear - Working Effectively with AR Coaters

The question today is not, Should you start providing in-house AR but When? Find out what you need to know to “Get in Gear” with AR coaters.

Increase AR Lens Sales

Learn tips and guidelines for increasing your AR sales.

Digital Surfacing - Is It Time to Take the Leap?

How do you know when it's the right time to purchase digital generating equipment?

Crazing - How to Detect It, and Maximize Your Lab

How to detect crazing and maximize AR yields within your lab.

What You Need to Know About... Polished Edges

A new way of evaluating polished edges.

Lenses Round UP

Find out what’s new from the industries top lens manufacturers.

AR is in the House

Is investing in AR right for you right now?

Communicating the Benefits of AR Coatings

By breaking the AR lens sales process into three categories, wholesale labs can benefit from increased sales in 2008.

The VCA AR Committee Accomplishments

Learn about the programs and materials the VCA's AR Committee has available for you and what they are doing in the area of consumer outreach.

Avoiding AR Fractures During the Edging and Mounting Process

The degree of difficulty for processing lenses has never been higher. Learn useful tips on how to edge and mount AR lenses without incurring cracks or fissures due to excessive flexing of the lens.

AR Residual Color

Bill Reese and Renato Cappuccitti

Staying in “CONTACT” with Advanced AR Lenses

The new oleophobic/hydrophobic AR lenses are her to stay. Learn how to process these "slippery" lenses with the least amount of problems.

The AR Mystery Shopper - Who's Selling AR and for What

LabTalk sent our Mystery Shopper out to find out how your competition is selling the product.

Is An AR System in Your Future

Many factors go into choosing the right AR system. Learn how to determine what is right for your lab.

A Clear New World - Children as Well as Adults Should Reap the Benefits of Anti-reflective Lenses

A Clear New World shows how children as well as adults can benefit from the features of AR lenses.

Hydrophobicity and Wearer Satisfaction

 Understanding hydrophobic and super-hydrophobic coatins and how durable they are.

AR Lens Success Begins with the Hardcoat

Learn to ways of testing the hardcoat before you apply an AR coating.

Bundling Puts 100 Percent Usage of AR Lenses in Reach

Chains are doing it and upping their percentage of AR usage well over 50 percent. Learn how to get YOUR accounts to increase their AR usage.


Labtalk June 2020